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The Pros And Cons Of Ezine Advertising

The key to a successful business is advertising. This is what makes something that nobody knows into something that everybody has heard of. Through the medium of advertising, businesses are made and broken. There are many different forms of advertising, Ezine advertising being just one of them. When it comes to advertising, finding the right medium is the key to success. Ezine advertising is a hugely effective way of advertising any business or product. But what exactly is an Ezine? The word Ezine is an amalgamation of electronic and magazine. Basically, it is a magazine that is read online rather than on paper. This also means that it is fully interactive.

So what are the advantages? The main advantage to Ezine advertising is that it is accessible to everybody. If you want to see an advertisement in a magazine, you will first have to purchase that magazine and then flip the pages as well. Through Ezine, only a few clicks are needed and you don't even have to leave your house to get to it. Plus, Ezine advertising can link directly to a company. In a conventional advertisement, a product or service is shown, as well as - sometimes - information on where to go in order to take advantage of that product. With Ezine, however, all you need to do is click on the product, and it will take you straight to where you can access it. The convenience of this is absolutely tremendous. This is not to say that people are getting lazy, but most people that want something find it easier to use the internet to find it. It is also a very cheap form of advertising. If, for some reason, the specific Ezine ad is not successful, there is no great loss. With a magazine advertisement, however, a failing campaign can cost thousands and thousands of dollars.

There are some drawbacks of course. The main one is that Ezine advertising can be tracked. Generally, companies will pay on a click basis. In other words, if someone clicks on an Ezine advertisement, specific software records this click. Companies then pay for these clicks. This, in turn, means that payment will only be for one specific part in the Ezine. Also, because Ezine is now so well known, there are quite a number of people who are able to read straight past them and only pay attention to the actual content and not to the links. Increasing the quality of the post, however, can help to improve this. All in all, however, using Ezine for advertising is a great way to maximize exposure and thereby generate increased revenues. Best of all, it costs but a fraction of the conventional forms of advertisement.

Dan   McG.

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