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Your Instant List-Built For You. You do Nothing
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Need a List?
We Build one for you instantly at Sokule.

You do nothing at all and you will have
a list before the ink is dry on your sign up.


* Sokule is a Social Media Posting Site.

* Sokule is a contact Mailer

* Sokule is a list builder and we build that
  list on auto pilot for you. You do nothing
  at all and bingo!

You have a list Before the Ink is dry
on your sign up


Yep! Sokule is a Posting Site
It is a Mailer
It is an auto list builder and we do it for you.

Sokule is also an affiliate program and you
get pa_id every Friday when people upgrade
under you.
There is no other Social Media site on the net
like it anywhere.

You can post to 86 Social Media sites
and Targeted blogs with just 1 Click

And every 3 Days you can email your trackers

Everyday we build those list of trackers
for you automatically.

And you get pa*id.

Join us right here


Do not miss the one time offer for
a silver membership when you sign up

You must be a Silver member or higher
of Sokule to access all of the features
of Sokule.

Go get um

Jane Mark
Sokule Inc

PS: Today only when you sign up and take
up the one time offer for a silver membership,
you will get 7.5 million sokens in your
Sokule account. (value 9575.00). These
sokens are what we use to build your list
for you on auto pilot. They are worth
their weight in gold. Make sure you collect
them by taking up the one time offer for
silver as you sign up to Sokule.


Jane Mark is the Owner of Sokule, a Well Known Social media Posting Site and the owner of a new launch called 1 click Marketing Machine.

->   http://sokule.com/

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