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Learn Why You Should Join The ICANetwork


There Are 5.2 Billion Mobile Phone Users Out There.
Apps Are Quickly Replacing Web Sites!

iPhones, iPads & Androids Are Replacing Computers.

Time Magazine Said In The December 19/2011 Issue:
"The Question Is No Longer Whether But When
Our Phones Will Become Our Only Computers..."

Studies Show Over 70% Of People Looking For
A Local Restaurant, Pet Sitter, Hair Salon,
Contractors Or Make Vacation Plans,
-Well, You Name It,
Will Turn To The Internet & Not Those
Big Black & Yellow Books Anymore.


Any Company That Wants To Remain In Business,
Needs To Move With Technology.
Lose Their Market Share,
To Their Competitors Who Have.

The I C A Network,

I C A Network WILL:
Guarantee To Put You On, And Keep You On
The First Page Of Google® With Your Keywords
Our Guarantee Is, That If Within 60 Days
We Do Not Have You On That First Results Page At Google®

You Do Not Pay Again Until You Are…Guaranteed.


Please Understand!
We Cannot Put Everyone
On The First Page Of Google.
This Is First Come, First Served.

This Truly Is – A Limited Offer.

To Protect Our Customers!
(To Do This Ethically)
We Can Only Accept,

ONE Business Per Business Category Per Local Area.
Once That Position Is Filled We Cannot Accept Another.

Once A Plumber (Biz Cat)
In Acton (Local Area)
Has Been Filled We Will NOT Accept
Another Plumber In This Location.


A Custom Smart Phone App.
Totally Formatted And Viewable
On ANY Smart Phone, iPad Or Andriod.
(Having Just A Website, Is Not Enough Anymore)
This Six-Page Mini Mobile Website
Can Be EASILY Modified As Often As You Like.
-And I Really Do Mean Easy!-

The Internet Is In A Constant State Of Evolvement.
The Smart Phone Business Is Already Absorbing
A Huge Portion Of The Otherwise Internet Browsing Community.

People Are Becoming More And More Reliant
Upon Their Phones To Do Their Surfing Where
Many Regular Websites Do Not Properly Display.

We Will Also Provide You With TWO Unique QR Codes.
Just For YOUR APP! Your Customer Just "Scans In"
The QR Code With Their Smart Phone…
No Loading Up A Browser!
No Typing In An Address,
And No Need To Type Out A Text
To Subscribe To Your Service!

Stop and look Around You, QR Codes (Quick Response)
Are Starting To Pop Up Everywhere.

Be First To Take Advantage Of This Technology
And Gain The Edge Over Your Competition.

The QR Code Can Be Displayed

The Internet is continually evolving, the smart phone,
iPad, touchpad, playbook industry is quickly
replacing PC's and laptops as the communication
method of choice, where a regular website
does not properly display.

Icanetwork Phone Apps Division
This U.S. based company owned by Mike Glaspie,
plans to go public once it hits 50,000 customers.
(stock options will be available based on contribution performance.)

Now is the time to jump on board and become a salesrep.


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