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5 Reasons People Quit MLM
The cold hard facts are most people who join an MLM quit within the first few months. This attrition is a huge problem for almost every company and
results in many of the negative perceptions of the industry. Here are 5 of the top reasons people quit:

1) Most companies have an upfront signup fee usually in the $300 - $500 range with some into the thousands. The conversion rate of prospects to distributors/representatives generally goes down as fees go up.

2) Most companies require a monthly purchase usually ranging $50 and up. Monthly charges result in high attrition

3) Many companies are now charging monthly or yearly website fees. Again Monthly or yearly fees result in attrition

4) Most companies are selling products that are overpriced. Consumers can usually find simialr products for less money.

5) Most companies are selling products people don't need. So people have to be convinced to buy them, use money from another place in the family budget to buy them and when the economy is bad these products can and are easily eliminated from the consumers budget.
There is a 1 year old company that doesn't have any of these problems and the result is there is virtually zero attrition. The opportunity has ZERO Cost and there are NO Fees of any kind. The product is a product people must have and use everyday (energy) and it is priced below what they are currently paying for it. 
The result is this company did 125M in their first year, was ranked #57 on Forbes list of most promising companies, is a Finalist for Company of the year by The 2012 Americasn Business Awards and is currently the fastest growing MLM. 
Learn more here: http://wegetitfree.net/sok 


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