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Work Like a Mailman

Work Like a Mailman


Strange title, I know, but I have a reason for it. I've been thinking a lot lately about our "work ethic", and if you've read any of my blog posts
before, you've probably noticed I think our work ethic is extremely important. In fact, I don't think we'll ever get anywhere online without a good one.

Here is how I see it ...

Work hard ... make money online.

Sit back and don't work ... DON'T make money online.

Now, you are probably wondering what in the heck the "Mailman" has to do with our work ethic, right? lol

Well, let me explain. We have all probably heard this quote from the United Postal Service, "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds." I really like that quote. It says what it means and means what it says. Their mail carriers get the job done. They get it done in the snow (even DEEP snow). They get it done in the rain (even heavy rain) ... etc. No matter what, the mail ends up being delivered.

I never really gave much thought to what all went on behind putting my mail to my mailbox. Sure, it was always pretty obvious that someone was delivering it, but I just never thought too much about what they actually went through to do it.

That is, until I met a young man who got a brand new job ... a job as a mail carrier. He walks more in one day than I probably walk in a month (no joke). He went through a LOT his first few weeks. But you know what? He NEVER gave up! He kept on going ... kept delivering the mail ... kept his chin up until things got easier. And things DO get easier. They ALWAYS DO ... even in online business. If you feel like sometimes giving up, DON'T! Don't you dare! There IS money to be made online ... even if you haven't made a dime yet. You can do it! Really :-)

If you have the desire to work but just don't have a good opportunity to promote, here is one that is truly awesome. It pays you instant 100% profit commissions.

Get Cash Connected -- http://getcashconnected.com/?thefryeteam

If you need an excellent place to advertise any business you are in, here is a very good ad submitter. You can send your ads twice daily to thousands of members. You can even have your ads completely automated. They will send without you even signing in to send them!

List Volta -- http://listvolta.com/s.php?fryeteam

The more you advertise online, the more sales you will make. I love working online, and I don't see advertising as "work that is too hard". I mean, hey, it's WAY easier than delivering the mail in a blizzard or a hurricane ... right? :-)

If you need more advertising ideas, I list many places I use at http://www.paulafrye.com . There are so many good ways to get the word out about anything you are working.

And remember ... Work Like a Mailman! Really! It will pay off if you do!

You have a great day!

Paula Frye


Want to see what all I'm making money with online and where I advertise?
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