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Hey... you stuck your Chocolate in my Peanut Butter!!!!

Hey... you stuck your Chocolate in my Peanut Butter!!!!

Remember that famous ad campaign? Two things you would never think of putting together, but once you do - it's magic!

Well, I want to tell you about the ultimate Old School meets New Skool - using offline marketing tactics to promote online business. Not only does it work spectacularly, this is a trend many of the top online marketers are (or will soon be) rolling out.

Why is that?

Well, all you have to do is look at the differences between email and REAL MAIL.


Email: While it's great leverage and cheap to use... there's problems. Deliverability is getting worse and worse and peoples email boxes are getting more crowded by the day. It's insanely difficult to stand out!

REAL MAIL: It's cheap (when used correctly), you get 92% deliverability (USPS stats) and has an element of "realness" that the internet can't possibly match.


Look, don't get the idea offline marketing is expensive, because there's even cheap and free methods too. And even direct mail can be every bit as inexpensive as PPC!

But you need to learn a few "tricks of the trade" first so you don't get your lunch eaten!  (Just like PPC, only MUCH easier to learn!)

Want to be on the leading edge of what I see as a growing traffic-getting trend?

Then you need the right people to show you the ropes.

Check out what these 5 "underground" marketers have to offer with Direct Response 2.0. I highly recommend their "training with a twist."


Do they know their stuff?

Yes. In fact, together they've sold over $311,000,000 using direct response marketing. (Yes - 3 Hundred 11 MILLION).

They've had campaigns that have brought in over $12,000,000.

Those are some BIG numbers. Why don't you let them show you the ropes?


Go check it out. It's not for everybody. If you thrive on all the geeky online stuff... maybe not. But if you want a low tech way to market your online business, you need to take a look.

To your success!

Phil Basten
JAM Marketing

PS: So you don't even have a product? No sweat, they will give you a proven one for FREE.

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