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Become A Real Player Online Quickly and Easily
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Become A Real Player Online Quickly and Easily

Your Instant List.. 100 to 1000 Special Ends Today

Today...right now. You can have a list
and you can mail to that list..see why
and see how.

Keep Reading.

Phil and I are on the plane returning home
from the Washington DC JV Alert Seminar.

Phil and I are list builders
We talked lists all weekend and now you
can have your own list instantly today.

We know the importance of having a list to
mail to.

You keep hearing me say that you need a list
And that list has to be one that you can email
right to their contact address.

Well today we are going to give you a list
of 100 to 1000 people.

Here is how that works.

For those of you who upgrade to a Silver
membership at Sokule, you will get 100
instant list members added right into
your account. That is in addition to the
automatic list that we build for you using

So you will start with a list of 100 people
and we will continue to build that list for
you on auto pilot using sokens. It will grow
to thousands over time just like thousands of
our members have

You can email that list every 3 days.

Upgrade to Gold and you will get an instant
list of 500 members

Upgrade to Founder and you will get a list
of 1000 members plus our special 2 fer deal.

The list that we build for you, will be your
base list and you can email that list every
3 days but, as you know, at Sokule, we continue
to build that list for you using sokens so
this base list that we build for you will
grow and grow and grow for you daily.

And you do not have to do one thing to grow it.

In Order to obtain this instant list, you
need to use these special paylinks below.

We will then upgrade your accounts manually
and add your list members.

Here are the paylinks to use

Silver Use this link

Gold Use this link

Founders use this link

Remember Each of these paylinks requires
a manual upgrade so please allow 24 to 48
hours for your account to be upgraded.

You will receive a detailed letter from me when
your account has been upgraded.

This deal for an instant list will end
on Monday, June 11th, at midnight est when we
return from JV Alert.

We are giving you an opportunity to get
what you really need online and that is
a list you can mail to.

Take advantage of it Today and set yourself
up to really do business online.

While we are away. You Can Play. Become a real
player online. Get yourself a list today.

Go get um

Jane Mark
Sokule Inc

PS: If you are not yet a member of Sokule,
join us right here and then use one of the
paylinks above to grab this special offer.



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