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You Missed it But...You can Uncook Your Goose Today
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You Missed it But...You can Uncook Your Goose Today

Without a list, your goose is cooked online.

You will slowly roast over a hot fire pit
trying and trying again to make sales but...
without a list, your goose is cooked.

It is not too late to uncook your Goose:)

Over the weekend, while Phil and I were
away honing our marketing skills and talking
list building with experts, we offered
sensational upgrades at Sokule on our
Silver, Gold and Founding membership and..

Congratulations to all who picked up this
special. You are now having instant TARGETED
lists built for you that you can reach by
email right to their contact addresses.

Sokule grows a list automatically for all
our members on but, this weekend, we grew them
with speed and with targeting for our new
upgraded members.

Even if you missed this, you can still
get an instant targeted list build for you

Here is all you need to do

sign up To Sokule Here


Log into your members area.

Go to line 5 in your members area that
says Advertise Section and then click
on Advertise on sokule.

You will find that you can purchase non
targeted or targeted trackers at Sokule

Do it today
You will have a list tomorrow.

Without a list to post to and to email to
your Goose is cooked.

We are trying to give you some raw advice
on how to succeed online and a list is the
very first thing you need to do just that.

We know how hard it is for most people to
build a list.

Why keep struggling when we can do this
for you at Sokule?

We like to make life just a bit easier here
at Sokule and list building made easy is
definately something you want to do to
Goose up your own marketing abilities.

Go get um

Jane Mark
Sokule Inc

PS: If you can swing it purchase the targeted
trackers in an area that matches the sites
you want to promote. You will get much better
results when you reach a targeted rather than
a general audience.


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