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The Twelve Commandments to Keeping Your Children Safe on the Internet:
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How to set up practices around the home that minimize the risk to not only your child but the computer system in your home and thus your privacy as well.

What software is out there that will tell you when your child is possibly doing something that might put them at risk.

* What you can do about cyber-bullying and how to get help for your child.

* How online predators generally approach kids and what you can do to stop the risk.

* What the common slang terms are on the net (plus a few your child may not know) but may be a sign your child is in danger.

* What is sexting and just how serious can it be?

* How to keep online chat rooms safe places for your children to chat.

* What sort of security software is on the market and how to know what to look for?

* How to make sure the ID Theft doesn’t happen to you or your family.

* How to get yourself out of the dark ages and be a computer savvy parent.

* What to do when your kids are at other people’s homes using the internet there?

* How to stop my child accidently coming across pornography?


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