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Internet Marketing Secrets from Handy Manny
Can handy Manny fix internet marketing? One of the joys of having a young son or daughter is you get to watch a lot of kids TV shows. And I mean a LOT of kids tv shows... internet-marketing-with-handy-manny One of Alex's current favourites is “Handy Manny”, a bilingual hispanic handyman from the fictional town of Sheetrock Hills. Who comes up with stuff?.....lol Manny keeps the town in good working order and fixes any problems the residents are having with the help of his talking tools - at least two per episode.... pretty funny actually! Aside from putting up a few shelves or fixing a broken washing machine, Manny would also make an excellent Internet Marketer! Here's why... 1. He's the "Go To" Guy When People Have Problems Whenever anybody in Sheetrock needs something fixing, they go to Manny. I don't even think there is another handyman because Manny has the market sewn up. In fact, when he left town to work on some huge construction project the residents begged him to come home because his replacement, the bumbling Mr Lopart, didn't know one end of a screwdriver from the other. I don't know about you... But I'd love to be held in such high regard that if I decided to quit Internet Marketing my readers and subscribers would demand I stay! 2. He ALWAYS Over Delivers Manny doesn't just unblock your toilet, he actually makes your life better! [box color="green-vibrant" type="square" icon="asterisk"]With every job he attends he goes out of his way to ensure the problem is solved... and then some! That is how to win! Tweet It![/box] Whether it's helping his business un-savvy nephew sell some of his "aguas frescas" (Dur, pitch-up where there are some actual customers, dummy!)... Or explaining the difference between a comedy movie and an action movie to the bozo working at the video store, a job is never completed until Manny has gone beyond the call of duty. It's no wonder he is never out of work. 3. He Recognises the Importance of JV Partners While Manny is regarded as the king of fixing things in his town, he understands the need for a solid JV partner to help him along. And that is of course Kelly, the owner of the hardware store who I get the distinct impression wants to feel some Latino heat....lol With every job, Manny toddles off to see Kelly, who has spare parts in the store's basement for every single item ever invented - no matter how old or obscure. It's the perfect partnership - Kelly supplies the parts and Manny has the expertise to use them. If they were Internet Marketers, they would be cleaning up... 4. He Outsources EVERY Job Finally, Manny is also a great advocate of outsourcing. internet-marketing-outsourcingI don't think I've seen an episode where he does any actual work - it's all handed over to his eager- to-please tools! This doesn't seem to make a difference to his customers, it's Manny who always gets the congratulations for saving the day. It proves it doesn't necessarily have to be you that does the donkey work in your business, as long as the job is a good one your customers will still love you for it! Anyway, that's it. Just a few ways you can become your own "marketing handyman" and fix any problems you may be having in your business. And before I go today it would be shameful if I didn't show you one great piece of kit you want to add to your own "marketing toolbox" Check out this fantastic discount on one of my best selling products right now. Like Manny's tools, it does all the hard work for you and helps you by providing instant access to a short sharp video tutorial that will make mince meat of any techie type issue you come across in your internet marketing adventures! Have a great day - see you again tomorrow :) Kym-Robinsons-Blog-Signature           join in the conversation by leaving a comment and if you liked todays post, how about sharing it with your friends? all the buttons are below for your convenience – thanks in advance!


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