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Q and A with Jane and Phil April 19th 5.00 pm est
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Q and A with Jane and Phil April 19th 5.00 pm est


Two really Kule Webinars are on the schedule.

First Up April 19th

What's on Your Mind?

Join us and we will take if off your mind
into ours:)


Are you dying to know what Sokwall 2.0 is at Sokule?

Can't figure out what all this stuff is about
Social Media posting?

Do you want to know where the settings are
at Sokule.

What makes Yakamore Unique?
How do I blow out the world of Social Media

What is kulebuzz at KuleSearch?

How does 1 Click Marketing Machine work
What are keywords?

What actually happens when I ping at KulePing?

What makes a good subject line
What makes good ad copy.

Tell us what's on your mind and we will
answer it for you.

There will be a special bonus for all those
on the webinar and you may even get a preview
of our new launch called Funny Mon-ey

Join us right here
Thursday, April 19th at 5.00 pm est


Go get um

Jane Mark
Sokule Inc

PS: If you are not on our new launch list
get on it now. Funny Mon*ey will launch next
week sometime and you do not want to miss this


PPS: If you can't join us in person, send us
your questions and we will answer it at the


PPS: Hold the date of April 26th at 5.00 pm
est, we will be doing a webinar called
Misinformation Marketing and you will not want
to miss that one. This will pack a whollop.
Register for it now.



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