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The Features Offered By A Social Networking Website
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There are so many things about the internet that occupies peoples attention and social networking websites are one of the main categories. There is something about social networking sites that attract people. It may be because it allows people from different places or countries to socialize with each other. The earliest networking sites started in the 1990s just like Geocites, Theglobe, and Tripod social networking. The first famous social networking site appeared during 2002 in the name of friendster. Friendster was created to enable people to make friends online while sharing their common interests. It brought people together and made socialization a little bit easier and accessible. User profiles were one of the most popular features when the members of one person can see their profile as well as write down testimonials about them.

Today, more advanced social networking sites have appeared to cater the online social needs of people. Of course, far and away the most prominent social networking website is Facebook. It virtually replaced the social networking sites like Myspace and Friendster. It has features that don’t only promote socialization; they also help business, organizations, and companies by having their products and services advertised. People are able to search for their long lost friends as well as people that share same interests with them. Facebook has a groups feature that totally supports the same interests of different people. Co-workers and schoolmates can create groups about the company or school where they can interact with each other. Another interesting feature offered by Facebook is its applications. These applications can be games, birthday trackers, or synchronization of outside devices to a Facebook account that will automatically share certain information to the friends of a user. Pictures and videos can be shared among close Facebook friends or be available to everyone in Facebook.

There are so many social networking sites in the internet right now. All of which try to outwork or outplay each other. These social networking websites are important to everyone and other websites because of its ability to add or decrease web traffic for them. Ads are everywhere in Facebook and can easily be made to direct to certain websites that offer products and services.  It is not only used for making friends but is also used as a marketing tool. If people want to be productive while having fun, registering to a certain social networking website like Facebook or Twitter might help do the job.

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