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I'll Have Another...
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I'll Have Another...

Did you see that Kentucky Derby race yesterday?
It was a nail bitter and it was stunning.

Just when it looked like the speed horse, named Bodemeister,
would take it wire to wire...Out of the blue Came...

A spunky, not very big horse, ridden by an almost unknown
jockey. Mario Gutierrez, with odds of 15 to 1.

I'll Have Another came whizzing  by the front runner to
win by a length and a half and don the coveted roses.

I gripped my puppy, Cuddles, tight in my arms as I watched
this thrilling race unfold and Phil just shook his head in
disbelief as all of his picks came in from behind.

So, In Celebration of a job well done, and a come from behind-
take it to them, dandy horse- I am extending our Derby Special
for one more day.

This has-I'll Have Another written all over it.

The Derby Special...I'll Have Another

This Two Fer Founding Membership has
I'll Have Another Written All Over It.

Buy One Take Another Fr*ee.
Why Take One When You Can Have Another for Fr*ee.

The Derby Special. TWO FER Special

Two Founding Memberships for the Price of 1
Last day in honor of I'll Take Another.

Go here

Pick up the executive (founding) membership
on your way in and you will pick up a founding
membership in our site, KuleSpace (That sells for 2995.00)

Pick up a 2 fer founding membership today.
You pay once and here is what you get.

A  Founding lifetime Executive Membership at Yakamore

* You pay once and that it is it. No Monthlies
* 200 Followers for fr*ee
* That is a list of 200 people instantly
* You can email that list every 3 days
* You can post to that list 15 times a day
* Your posts can be targeted
* Your emails can be targeted
* You can post from Yak to Sokule instantly
* You can post from Sokule to Yak instantly
* You can auto welcome your trackers
* You can add to your lists at any time
* You get 5 yakens for every sign up
* Exchange those Yakens instantly for trackers
* You get 3 Free banner ads on your profile Page
* You Get 3 income building programs
* You Get an executive seal on on your profile
* Each post you make says you are an executive
* Each post you make also contains an arrow
  to your own website and google map
* Every sign up you get at Sokule or at Yakamore
  goes right into your Yakamore list. We are
  building you two lists at one time.

* You get 40% commission on every sale
* You Get paid every Friday
* We advertise your Yak Affiliate link for you

* It Comes With 10 Million sokens at Sokule
  (Value 12,700) This builds a second list
  for you on auto pilot.

You have never seen anything like Yakamore


Why Take One, When you Can Have Another?

There are only 5 of these left. Half flew
out the door yesterday.

Go get um

Jane Mark
Sokule Inc

PS: Here is our other very kule site that comes
with this special http://kulespace.com
Just sign up free at kulespace and..

Once you upgrade at Yakamore today as an
executive lifetime founding member, you
will receive an email with all your details
in it from me when you have been upgraded
at KuleSpace and Yakamore.

We Call KuleSpace the Do It Your Way site
You can blog. You can form groups. You can
post. You can add photo albums. You can be
the star at KuleSpace and you can ea*rn
dough at the same time.

This offer ends at midnight est today, Sunday
so take another while you can.

We are giving you two very strong advertising
sites for the a song. Promote any site you
like at Yakamore and KuleSpace and start to
collect some winnings of your own.






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