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A day Ahead and Dollars Richer...
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A day Ahead and  Dollars Richer...

Are you running behind?
Is money a little tight?

Did you know that...
where Phil and I spend three months of the year,
in South Australia,  that we are a day ahead of you.

When It's Friday morning in Australia  for most
of the rest of the world, it's still Thrusday.

Here's what that means.

*We earn money a day ahead of you
*We get to celebrate the weekend early
*We can trade in Big Macs for Max's Steaks a day early


While you're sleeping, we can set up specials
for you so that when you wake up Friday, you get
the benefit of our Thursday.

Want to catch up with us?

Here's what you need to do.

Go to http://bit.ly/Mail-To-All-Pa-id

sign up for a one time ridiculously
low fee, get free advertising for life
and get paid to advertise .

If you catch the one time offer, you
will get access to the VAD mailer
and be able to mail to over 4400
all pa-id members every three days.

You will be mailing to an ALL PA-ID
List. You cannot be in front of a warmer
audience then this anywhere on the net.

Everyone at VAD has taken money out
of their pocket to be there. These are
serious business people. That's where
you want your message.

You will earn commissions of 98.80

You will have Phil and I advertising for you

It pays to stay ahead of the game.



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