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Ping Your Way To Profits... Easy as Pie
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Ping Your Way To Profits... Easy as Pie

I am over the moon about our new site

It is called KulePing

What is it?

It takes your website and pings it every 3 days.

It pings it to a targeted audience that you choose.

How does it work?

Simple and Easy
You pop in your url
Choose a category that suits your website
Hit submit

That's it.
You're done

Set it and forget it.

You can change or edit your urls any time
you want

What is a ping anyway?

A ping is a way to tell the search engines
that you exist, that you just put up new
content and that they should take a look

The more you ping, the more your website
will be picked up by the search engines

Can I ea*rn money with Kule Ping?

You bet you can. KulePing is an affiliate
program. When people upgrade under you,
you get paid. All members ea*rn 40%
on upgrades.

The prices are so ridiculously cheap,
you will be selling upgrades like falling
off a log.

What else can I do with KulePing?


Here is a really nifty idea. KulePing is
so inexpensive that if you buy a packet
of urls say 50 to 100, you can offer to
give those spots to your own affiliates
at your own programs  to induce people
to upgrade under you at whatever site
you are promoting.

Now you have your own valuable product
to give away and wait until you see what
the costs are in the members area to
do this.

You just take your members link and pop
it in there just like you would your
own and that's it. You have given your
own team, a really valuable asset. This
is what top marketers do and now you can

Kuleping is dirt cheap and affordable for
everyone so purchase enough urls for
yourself and the sites you promote
and purchase extras to give away.

We designed Kuleping with you in mind

*Affordable product
*set it and forget it technology
*We out gun all others on the net because
we are the ping kings (or maybe the King
Pings:) and know where all the good weblogs
are to ping so we offer more of them to you.

My partner, Phil Basten, has been working
in the Ping area for years and he knows
how to set up a ping site. He has done
it at Sokule, at KuleSearch and and 1 click
Marketing Machine and now he is doing it
for you at very special prices.

*You can set up your own downlines and affiliates
up with a url that will be pinged for you.

Great inducement to get others to upgrade
in your own site.

Ping Your Way to Profits and start today

These are introductory launch prices so
lock your in today. They will go up.

Over the next 30 days we will be adding
new features to KulePing. When we do,
the prices will need to go up. So grab
yours now and lock in these ridiculously
low prices today.

Go get um

Jane Mark
Sokule Inc

PS: To sign up you just pop in your info
and a url and your first ping is on us.
You can upgrade your account in the members
area and buy packages of 25 to 5000 urls
depending on your needs.

PPS: Anyone purchasing the packages for
500 urls or higher will get a special
Sokule Sokens bonus of 2 million sokens
(value 2540.00) Go for the big ones if
you can swing it.

To Collect Your Sokens bonus, send your
full name, your payment receipt for KulePing
and your sokule username to


Please allow 24 to 48 hours for your sokens
bonus to be added.

PPS To sign up as an affiliate of KulePing,
just scroll to the bottom of the main sales
page and go to Affiliate Program. It is
a seperate sign up from KulePing so do that
after you get set up at KulePing. Enjoy. Jane


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