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* New* May Madness Instant Commissions and Affordable
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* New* May Madness Instant Commissions and Affordable


This is a payplan program for all
who want to test it with me.

That is what it is.

Total investment is 90 bucks.

It just launched and it is going wild

So I can't tell you yet if this is good
great, horrid, medium or whatever

But I do know that it is important to get
in fast while it is young and it is
affordable to get in.

Hre  is what I did

I signed up
I paid 5 bucks to become a reseller
This is a recurring payment

I purchased 3 packages for 15.00, 25.00
and 50.00.

That money was paid instantly to my sponsor
so she made her dough back right away.

I like that.

So here is what I suggest.

Follow my lead and lets do this together
No promises. As I say I am testing it
but at least with me you will hear from me you
stand in a  few days.

I cannot tell you the results yet because it
just opened but you can bet your bananas I
will as soon as I have tested this out.

Join here

And I will make it worth your while so
you can't get hurt no matter what happens
at this new site.

Go get um

Jane Mark
Sokule Inc

The Worth Your While PLan

1 Join and upgrade to reseller. That will
cost you 5.00 bucks in alertpay and 10 bucks
if you use another pay processor

You need to become a reseller before you
can buy the packages Then Buy the packages

If you purchase package 1 under my link
(15 bucks) you will get 500,000 sokens at
Sokule (Value 635.00)

If you purchase package 2 (25 bucks) under
my link you will get 1 million sokens at
Sokule (value 1270.00)

If you puchase package 3 under my link, you
will get 3 million sokens at Sokule (Value

These packages are one time payments so as
you can see you come out a winner here.

To Collect Your Sokule bonus send me your
full name and your payment receipt for your
package purchases and your sokule username to


Please allow 24 to 48 hours for your sokens to
be added to your Sokule account


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