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When Faced With Death - You Don't Need To Continue On In The Same Direction!
3-9-2009ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQ by Walter Paul Bebirian
3-9-2009ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQ by Walter Paul Bebirian

Very often when you are facing death perhaps because of an illness or maybe because you are not sure what else to do with yourself due to losing certain abilities that you once had - it is definitely possible - or might I say - definetely necessary to turn yourself around and face the totally opposite direction - and go back - yes go back a few years to a point in time where things were not as they seem to be at this point in time - and get in touch with feelings - thoughts - efforts and directions where there still remains so much more that you can do - actually an infinite amount that you can still do with what you had then - this simple concept will give you an entirely new lifetime to live and this lifetime wiil remain ahead of you instead of behind you once you get in touch with it - 

for example - the image above was created only three years ago - but at the time that I created it I was not making an entire series with varying colors of the images that I created - but only presented them in the one set color choice - now that I see that I did things in that manner - I can both go back and begin creating color series of not only this one single image - but I can also go back and create varying color series of many of the other images that I did not do this with previously -


also, it is now possible to begin adding new lines and collaging new images onto this very same image and then create new varying color series from those new collaged images or images with new lines in them - this will allow me to never face any end of the line for what path I have been on but to both continue on at any point in time of my own history of working in the digital arena and then to eventually begin digitizing thousands upon thousands of images that were created before the digital world hit my own old film and processing world and then expand even more back to the point in time when I first began creating images - which is around 1958 - 


this will be no small task and as far as I can see will leave me with so much work ahead of me that it will definetly give me no time at all to think of not having anything to do - I certainly have my work cut out ahead of me - and I am sure - as I continue on in this direction - just as happened in the more recent past - new themes and techniques will be added onto whatever I have done so far - so much so that I will have a few more lifetimes ahead of me to begin working on going back and applying these techniques to the thousands of images that I have already created - revealing new and even more exciting series to me - than have already been created! 

An example to illustrate this rebirth:

Series 9-4-2012B



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