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Walter Bayliss Creates A List Building Masterpiece!

Hold on tight for this one..

Our good friend Walter Bayliss, who is our
second top referrer on State-Of-The-Art
Mailer, has created an awesome new way 
of how to 
build your list, and increase your 
conversions at the same time!

Walter has designed a unique system that
allows you to advertise your business and
build a list 
easily and effortlessly!

Even if your visitors never sign up for your
own offer!

Instantly design a capture page with his
easy-to-use system that allows you to create
an optin form in seconds.

He gives you total control of promoting your
own programs, while building your own list
completely free!

Opt in now, before he launches on February

Don't hesitate, get in, create your lists, and
start building your own list for a change!


All the best,

Jaye Pause & Brad Webb


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