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Running an Online Business. Part 5.



Welcome to Part 5

of my series for newbies

about Running an Online Business safely.





If you are worried
about your reputation

and serious about

Running an Online Business safely,

you must make absolutely certain

that your product

does exactly what it says it does.



You must also make sure that if there is any part of your sales letter
that is in the least bit questionable or debatable, that it is
immediately removed.


It is also very important that you are completely clear about what
the product can and cannot do.

Be sure to state any special skills or
knowledge that people may need to have in order to use the
product in the way that it is implied on your sales page.


After all, if you are serious about becoming an online marketer,

you must gain the trust of your buyers.

It is your reputation at stake

and if you can't gain their trust,

you will fail.


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