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FREE Unlimited QR Codes

   Get  These  FREE QR Codes From ICANetwork (VBC)

- “Call-Now” Phone QR Code

- Virtual Business Card (VBC)

- QR Generator for immediate access to any URL or website.


As the use of mobile devices increases in popularity so does the need for the QR Code.

The Phone QR Code will automatically launch a smartphone’s “Phone” feature and preload your phone number so that all the user needs to do is tap “Call”.

When the VBC QR Code is scanned your Parish information is uploaded into the smart phone. The user confirms the data, then ‘Presto’ you have been added into their contact list.

The purpose of a QR Code is simple: Effectively, they’re a shortcut for doing what users could have done the hard way – load up a browser and type in your website URL. This is the most common QR Code usage, to simply launch a smartphones web browser and take the user to a specific webpage.

Take advantage of the unlimited QR Generator, VBC and ‘Call Now’.  There is no expiry date, or hidden cost.

These QR codes are solid and work on all mobile platforms.  We wrote 100% of these programs.

The QR codes can be blown up and displayed on a window, pamphlets, product packaging, promotional material or shrunk down to fit onto a business card. 


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