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Running an Online Business. Part 6.

Part 6 of my series of Running an Online Business safely is all about Handling of Refunds.

The popularity of shopping online has blown everyone's minds.Who could have thought that this popular new concept could have blown up into such an industry. I know it's always good to see what you are buying, but these days, cosumers are much more wary of scammers. Most of your customers will be happy with what they receive. Unfortunately, some of your customers will request a refund. It is an aspect of running an Online Business that you need to be prepared for.

How you handle that refund request will determine the success and safety of your business.

Most likely are you've noticed that most websites advertising their wares
carry a guarantee that offers the customers a no-questions-asked
refund within a certain period of time. Until recently, this time
period would very rarely be more than 14 or 30 days, but it is
becoming increasingly common to see sites with guarantees
that are valid for 60 or 90 days, and in some cases for the full
lifetime of the product.

Did you know that offering a longer guarantee period is a very
effective sales tool?

It strengthens the fact that you have complete faith and confidence
in your product.

On the other hand, because most people who request a refund
tend to do so within a few days of making the purchase, it is
unlikely that increasing the validity of the guarantee will
significantly decrease the number of refund requests you receive.

The most important thing that you should remember about refunds
is that under no circumstances should you ever refuse a refund or
delay when giving the customer their money back, no matter
how ridiculous the reason they gave you when they asked for one.


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