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Running an Online Business. Part 7.

Part 7 is the final part of my series - Running an Online Business.

This post covers the topic of 'risk management'.
You need to consider this, no matter what size your business is.

Did you know that over 95% of online businesses fail within the
first two years? That means that around one in twenty new
businesses will be a success and turn a tidy profit and that there is
massive potential to make large amounts of money online. There
is, however, an increasingly serious risk of making certain sorts of
mistakes when undertaking online marketing , that could see your

business closed down overnight and perhaps even worse.

It is highly recommended that you engage professionals
to help you to minimize the risks that you are taking every day
while running your online business.




Read more on my blog:-


 ==>> http://bit.ly/runninganonlinebusiness7


Hope you have enoyed the series.


Liz Delaney

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