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Kim Kardashian's 5-Step Plan For Making Money Online
Kim Kardashian's 5-Step Plan For Making Money Online Monday morning and there is controversy on 'Kardashian' watch already!!! Can you believe this? A top headmistress at a school in the UK blames Kim Kardashian for the decline of Western civilization. Indeed, she goes one step further and claims everything that is wrong in society can be summed up in one photo of the reality star. making-money-online Personally, I disagree. Sure, you can argue Ms Kardashian is simply famous for being famous… But it’s a formula that works and she has become an insanely wealthy young woman off the back of her personal brand. An entire chapter is devoted to Kim in the book, Celebrity, Inc.: How Famous People Make Money by Jo Piazza… And there are some powerful lessons to be learned that can explode your Internet Marketing business.   Here are five you can take away with you today: 1. Fill A Gap In The Market Make a decision! Kim decided to become a celebrity and made herself available when other “real” celebrities were not. Fans of celebrity culture crave up-to-the-minute news… Which is why showbiz websites are updated several times per day. Unfortunately, “real” celebrities don’t want daily intrusion… Allowing others, like Kim, to make themselves available, fill the void and be seen as the “next best thing”. 2. Get The Ball Rolling Kim rose to prominence off the back of a well-timed sex tape and a reality television show. You should think about something to “launch” yourself to get maximum publicity too: A product launch, a controversial video on Youtube… Something that has the ability to go viral and build momentum. 3. Build a “Mother Ship” Kim uses her reality TV show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, as their centralized distribution system through which the family sells products, stories and themselves. The family jokingly refer to the show as “the mother ship” or their “30 minute commercial”… But, it’s bloody effective. The easiest way you can build one of your own is to set up a blog from which the rest of your business can flow out of. (Note: A “mother ship” can be effective in any niche to achieve any goal. You can set up a blog even if it is just to keep yourself accountable) 4. Focus on the Front End The other 'Kim', has a very impressive “back end”…lol.... and every good marketer knows that’s where the money is. She earns fortunes from sponsor deals, product lines and up to seven figures from personal appearances abroad… But none of that would be possible without the TV show, which earns her a small-by-comparison $20k per episode. It’s what attracts new “leads” and keeps her brand growing. 5. Work Hard Regardless of the flannel you read on most Internet Marketing product sales pages… [box color="red-vibrant" type="square" icon="asterisk"]You have to work hard to become successful – and even harder to maintain it. Tweet It![/box] The Kardashians have been described as “working until they fall down at night”. Kim often tweets to her millions of followers at events during the early hours and is fresh-faced and ready to go at 6am the next morning. There you go – just a few simple tips that earned the Kardashians $185 million in the last 2 years alone! To help build a successful “mother ship” and “front end” to your own business… Check out Automated List Profits. Once signed up, you'll be able to crush it with your email marketing! kardashian-familyOne of the Kardashians keys to success is strength in numbers… You don’t just get Kim – you get the whole damn herd!

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