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This Just In The Password Is Total Web Domination,[fname]
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This Just In The Password Is Total Web Domination

I'm just kidding- You don't have to use
any secret knocks or passwords:)

But you DO have to Move Quickly!

Willie C just got this to me and it
is blowing my mind.

Our exclusive sneak preview and back-door
entrance to Peter Drew's phenomenal new Brute
Force SEO: EVO2 -


This incredible membership has always been about results-
results that will put your business and websites on the
map SO quickly, your head will spin.

And with this 9th release of the insanely high-tech, totally
wizard based Automatic EVO2 issue, it's gotten about
10 TIMES more valuable!

Here's just a sampling of what the massively powerful
(yet stupid-easy) BFSEO: EVO2 Software does:

First, EVO2 builds an insanely powerful "Mini-Net" of webpages
and sites on FREE services like GoogleKnol, Hubpages, Blogging
 sites, etc... and these stick: you own them forever!

Then, the software automatically embarks on an insane adventure-
magically linking these sites together, Posting to High Page Rank
sites, collecting AND submitting content, RSS feeds and mash-ups,
Videos, Bookmarks...

And Much, Much More: all on auto-pilot.
Almost totally hands-free.

Magically. Driving MASSIVE Link Love back to your
Money Sites, and blowing your rankings into Outer Space.

Fact: To do HALF of what EVO2 does FOR you by hand could
take as much as a week of manual, mind-numbing labor.

EVO get's it done in a couple of Hours or so.


Coupled with your private membership in the SEO Fight Club
Forum- packed to the rafters with SEO Gurus and actual
users of EVO2 all looking out for each other and helping
you (including Peter Drew ;-)...

Well, when was the last time you saw a membership that
was all about YOU? Not very often, I'll bet- mostly
they are about taking the cash and scramming, right?

Not this one- And this membership just keeps gets stronger,
richer, and more powerful by the DAY. They have PROVEN
that over the past year and a half- BFSEO: EVO2 is
Here To Stay.

So here's the deal, my friend...

The quitters have all left the building... Peter has ramped up
infrastructure and support staff... EVO is ready to assume total
control... and that opens slots for people on the VIP waiting list.


How many is still up for debate, but this spectacular membership
has always been Extremely Limited, and this time won't be any different...

And the available positions go to people on the VIP list FIRST.

The doors last opened in November 2009, and all the available slots
were GONE within weeks.

Where are YOU going to be when the doors close again?
 With me and the Winners?

The Winning starts Here:


You can sign up for a preferred position right now- and do it for seven
full days completely gratis- take seven (7) days to evaluate the
program and forum absolutely at Pete's risk, and if you decide it's
not for you? Simply cancel your subscription and pay nothing. Ever.

See you in the winner's circle!


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS - I'm not even going to get INTO the insane bonuses and freebies Pete
gives with this membership- this dude should be known as the KING of Over-Delivery.
You gotta see what I'm talking about:




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