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learn to swim with sharks and profit from it
YOU have some new friends!
A new wide spread panic has occurred on a global scale with Funky Shark.

Scott, who you see on the Founder video, has been on the phone literally 
non-stop over the last 72 hours talking to people in Thailand, China, 
the Philippines, Russia, Canada, UK, Singapore, Australia, the US, India...

... People who are about to become YOUR new best friends!

Here's the deal:

A program like Funky Shark can provide you with a solid long term 
income regardless of how many people get involved. We designed it 
that way!

So beginning right now you can rest easy knowing the opportunity for 
making big money in Funky Shark is forever at your fingertips.


A program like Funky Shark can truly CHANGE YOUR LIFE when you are 
in the company of the right people. You've heard variations of the 
term, "You are who your friends are" right?

Remember those new BEST FRIENDS I mentioned earlier?

They are about to help ensure YOUR life changes forever.

They are the Kingpins of the Internet.

And they are here! They are right here, right now. And they are 
preparing to EXPLODE Funky Shark on a global scale... quite possibly 
like nothing you have ever witnessed before. It might even be 
unimaginable. It depends on just how high your imagination can soar!

We are in Pre-launch right now.

Like we say on the web site... Pre-launch is the time to work 
together to build this team.

Tell everyone you know and tell them now.

When Pre-launch ends... when the penny auctions go live.... 
when insane volumes of commissions from auction profits start flying... 
You will thank these new friends... and everyone you know who listened 
to you today will be celebrating with you.

The time is now.



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