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Pre Launch of exciting travel site
Hello Again,
We hope you are having a great weekend!! 
Sorry about all the emails, but we just want to make sure that you are kept 100% up to date!
We are really excited about this coming week as Go Fun Places announced they will finally be going live on Monday (TOMORROW), Oct 1st at 10AM Pacific, 1PM Eastern!
Hopefully you all received the email from Go Fun Places yesterday announcing that they are planning to go live with the marketing site on Monday (TOMORROW), Oct 1st at 10AM Pacific, 1PM Eastern!
We want to thank everyone for your patience as we have been waiting for Go Fun Places to get all of their t’s crossed and i’s dotted.  We know we did not want them to open the site up until they were 100% ready to go.  We know it took a bit longer than expected, but we know it will be worth the wait.
This is going to be such a great company for all of us, and we cant wait to get this started!!  Once the marketing site becomes available, We will be studying it like all of you, and will begin to create an in depth write up on the program….just like we did with Zeek to help anyone understand all of the details.
IMPORTANT – The big thing to realize here is that everyone will have until Oct 5th to receive the 50% matching bonus on your package purchase.  So if you are at all interested in joining this program, we urge you to be ready to go on Monday (TOMORROW) to start doing whatever research/due diligence you need to do to make a decision.  That 50% match will be a great boost for anyone who makes a purchase of ANY PACKAGE by Oct 5th!
There is going to be a conference call on Monday (TOMORROW), Oct 1st at 10am Pacific, 1pm Eastern, on the number below. We would highly suggest to be on this call if you are able.  The info below will also be for ongoing calls over the next several weeks.
 Info from Upline:
I’m so excited for all of you to start seeing and understanding what I already know.
I’ve spent 3 full days with Randal and Mike (principal owners), I’ve been to the headquarters (which is just down the street from my house), I’ve seen the support staff, I have the business card of the woman in charge of our withdrawals, I’ve seen first hand how all of the issues with Zeek have been dissected and how Go Fun Places has resolutions for all of them!!
I just can’t emphasize enough with all of you how excited I am about this program!!  I can’t wait for you to start seeing all of the details that you have eagerly been waiting for.
We all know how big Zeek was.  We all know how good it worked for well over a year.  We also all know that it had some challenges.  But if those challenges were resolved, and the product was much better and had more value (in our opinion), then it isnt much of a stretch at all to think Go Fun Places could be big.  It could be bigger than any of us can even imagine.
We are all right here, on Day 1, with this program starting on Monday (TOMORROW), Oct 1st at 10am Pacific.  How many of you sat on the fence with Zeek for months, maybe a year or longer?  Now is your chance to be in on Day 1 with something, we think will be much much bigger and long lasting which is exactly what we are all looking for....right?
If you still have NOT signed up for NO COST, you can do so here:  http://www.getprelaunch.com/Richdig15 ;

Hi, I live in the UK. I was a memebr of Zeek till its demise. I enjoy watching sport and travel

->   http://www.getprelaunch.com/Richdig15

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