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HUGE LAUNCH - List Joe is Back with the Bweeble Guys!

HUGE LAUNCH - List Joe is Back with the Bweeble Guys!

Get Ready to Rock! List Joe v3.0 is Here!

Jonah has teamed up with Jon & Bill,
the Bweeble and List Bonus guys, to bring you
some awesome new features!

List Joe now has:

-> Cutting-edge html branded mailer so you can add more
personality and flair in your messages, brand yourself
and increase response all at the same time

-> Social-brand ranking, get ranked on site by being an
active member, full social network and profile pages

-> Completely revamped and modernized, easy to use,
BEAUTIFUL, fun, clean, fast site.

-> A very sweet and new kind of sign-up process -
Commissions will be SWEEEET.

-> Lastly, the same fun, clean easy Listjoe brand
everyone has grown to love.

If there is any ONE Listbuilder you should join and
spend time on, it is DEFINITELY this one!

Join now, upgrade, and get those $100 commissions!

Graham Noble



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