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The Team Rotator Is Blazin' HOT! Join The Sokule Team Tracking To $8KAWeek And Welcome Leaders Of ListVolta!!

Your Time To Lock Your Position At The Top Of THE FIRST Team ever coordinated and implemented (now exploding) all across Sokule...Is NOW!

AND To Make This An Even BIGGER Event We Are
Now Welcoming Top Leaders Of ListVolta!!

With one opportunity, and one extrememly powerful
payplan...We are tracking our team to $8 K A Week
at record breaking speeds!

We have the reach of the 1000's already on Sokule
and the Millions on Twitter, Facebook, Mysapce and
nearly 30 other social media giants at the click of
a button...the word is spreading FAST!

We are moving at a fast pace as we combine forces with the large marketer based website, ListVolta with the team's PAID "Infinity Membership", providing top exposure for an entire YEAR! 

Our Rotator Is Blazin' HOT!! 


There are just 3 steps to take to Maximize your
earnings with the 8KAWeek System...

First You Must Register:
Register with a Team Sponsor From The Rotator:

Step 1
Send your guest ID# And Name To Team Leader
And Include You Sponsors Name, to be added to the rotator: 
Nina Spelman:  jkspel8kteam@gmail.com

Step 2
Get with 3 people who will join you directly in
8KAWeek, from your own efforts, team rotator
and/or the help of your upline sponsors. 

Step 3
Get with your 3 personal referrals and have them
do the same, make sure they have sent their ID's
to the team leader for the rotator and by their
own efforts, team rotator, and/or help from their
upline place three direct referrals under them.

You are now in the position to earn $8KAWeek as we
all move forward in this team building opportunity.

Welcome To The Team.
Your Sponsor Will Be In Contact Shortly.
Any questions, contact team leader.


We Give Away Referrals (Up to 3) because when we
give, we truely receive more in $8KAWeek...

0 Enrollees...up to $42 per week
1 Enrollees...up to $123 per week
2 Enrollees....up to $366 per week
3 Enrollees....up to $1824 per week
3 who have 3...up to $8007 per week

See the jump in income for helping 3 get 3!

8KAweek goes right with your primary bus.iness...
Original Flawless Software (tried, tested, stressed and proven) to run ANY bus.iness, coupled with brilliant digital products and the best compensation plan ever offered to the online community.
~ Low Entry ~
~ Huge Weekly Pay ~
~ 3X6 Forced Matrix ~
~ Proactive Sponsors ~

A Positive and Generous Change In How
We Help One Another Create Lasting Income!

If you are not a member of sokule join here:



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