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Clicker Training Information

Clicker training is definitely one of the best methods of teaching your pet to behave properly, whether you are inside or outside of the home. You may not be able to afford to pay for costly obedience school lessons, so you decide to train your pet during your free time.

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Operant conditioning is one of the methods used to make effective Clicker training work. Not known as a classical form of conditioning; it is instead, the type of animal training that focuses on getting the animal to behave the way you want by encouraging the target behavior.

You encourage the target
behaviors through nonverbal signals, verbal signals, clicks, and rewards. Rewards are a very important part of clicker training because a reward is the clearest sign (to the animal) that it has performed the desired outcome for the trainer, and hence a reward is received and the animal will think that this will always be the outcome if it performs that action.

training is also different from all other forms of classical conditioning in that it reduces the use of aversive control, or punishments. That effectively means that clicker trainers do not punish.

In this method corrective actions are performed, the animals are never scolded or physically hurt just because they did not perform the desired action. If an animal does not perform the task correctly, a neutral verbal sign is given to signal to the animal that it has not performed so hence will not be rewarded.

Power & Simplicity

This method is easy enough for any animal to understand, because all animals understand the concept of reward. Another thing that separates the clicker training method (
operant conditioning) from classical conditioning is that the trainer must have a huge amount of patience during training, because small steps are also rewarded.


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