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Getting Into Magazine Scrapbooking

Through the years, more and more styles and themes have emerged when it comes to scrapbooking. Since the craft doesn’t require formality, anything goes as long as the person enjoys the outcome of the product.

One of the most common themes when it comes to scrapbooking is magazine scrapbooking. This theme mimics the layout usually seen in different kinds of magazine in the market. Magazine scrapbooking involves the use of photos along with texts and embellishments scattered all throughout the scrapbook pages. Aside from the photos, texts, and chosen embellishments, magazine scrapbooking also includes the use of patterned pages with matching theme and colors.


Before you start making your magazine scrapbook, you have to consider first what are the materials you will need. Here is a basic list of must have’s in order to be a scrapbooker.

1. Album. The first thing you need to consider is the place where you will place all your photos and embellishments—the album. You will need to decide what is the size of the album you want to work in order to determine the amount of materials you need to use in making the scrapbook. The usual size of scrapbook albums most scrapbookers use is 12 x 12 but it is up to you how big or small you would want your scrapbook to be. Aside from the size of the album, you will also need to consider the color you want  to use and the pattern that will work for the theme of your chosen album.

2. Refill pages. Since you still don’t know how many pages you need for your album, it will really pay if you have refill pages of your chosen album. In the market, refill pages are usually sold in different sizes, so it is best if you pick up a couple of packs when buying album refills to ensure that you get the same quality of the of the album you already purchased.

3. A pair of sharp scissors. Scrapbooking requires a lot of cutting so it is best that you purchase a nice and high quality of sharp scissors. It is advisable if you use a pair of scissors that have very fine tips and is comfortable to hold or to use. Fine scissors might be a little more expensive compared to the ordinary pairs out there but this will ensure that you can use a pair scissors that are dedicated exclusively to your scrapbook.

4. Adhesives. In the market today, there are so many kinds and styles of adhesive that come in different sizes and styles. For beginners, it is best if you use an acid-free adhesive that is perfect for cardstock and photos. You might want to consider brands such as 3L Click ‘n’ Stick Mounting Squares, Herma Dotto Removable, and Herma Vario Wheel Dispenser.

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