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Tutorials - My Top 10 Tips for Improving Your Klout Score

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Gday everyone and welcome back to Tutorial Wednesday for the final part of my Klout series!

Klout Score

If you missed the start of this series you can click these links to read about getting started with Klout or the Klout overview or else you can click this link to read up on the Klout Scores and profiles.

Klout is all good and fine but what if you dont have any?

Klout that is....lol

Well I have good news for you!

There’s a lot you can do to deliberately improve your Klout score.

After all, Klout is an influence measuring tool – But it is based primarily on online factors.

If you can change those online factors, your Klout score will rise accordingly. It’s important to keep in mind that your Klout score is a 90 day running average.

That means that even if you execute all these tips perfectly, it’s going to take some time before your score reflects your new level of online activity. Treat it more like a marathon and less like a sprint.

Tip #1 – Create Content People Want to Share

There are a lot of tactics you can use to boost your influence. But at the end of the day, your influence depends on whether or not people want to share your content. The best way to make people want to share your content is to create content that’s worthy of sharing in the first place.

Spend more time on your content than on your marketing. Great content gets shared naturally, while poor content is hard to get shares even with great marketing.

Tip #2 – Start a Controversial Discussion

Klout doesn’t actually measure how much people like you or how much they measure your content. They measure activity. The more people commenting, sharing, liking, retweeting or @mentioning you, the higher your Klout score is going to be.

One great way to boost your Klout score then is to have very controversial discussions. This will get a lot of people talking to you and about you, which in Klout’s book is the same thing as credibility.

Tip #3 – Use Social Media as Your Community Hub

A lot of people try to create their own community hub by starting a new forum on their website. This can be incredibly difficult, as forums are notoriously difficult to populate. On the other hand, making a Facebook group or a specific Twitter hashtag for your audience is a fantastic way to build a community.

You don’t need a ton of posters to make it seem active. In fact, just a couple posts a day is enough to make it seem like an active community. Best of all, all that activity on your social media profile is going to help give your Klout profile a strong boost.

Tip #4 – Use Social Media to Launch Big News

Launching a contest? Announce it by social media instead of email. Launching a new video? Tell people about it on social media first. New product launch? Again, use social media to get people excited and to tell them about the news.People love talking about things that are new.

There’s going to be more energy around your product when you launch it than at any other point in its lifecycle. There’s going to be more energy around a video launch than it’ll ever have at a later time. Leverage this energy by getting people to talk about it on social media. That’ll help give your Klout score a nice big boost.

Tip #5: Jump In On Popular Hashtags

When you’re participating in popular hashtag conversions, people are much more likely to @reply you and retweet you. These are two things that Klout looks at a lot to determine Klout score. Use various hashtracking websites to find these trending hashtags and comment on them.

Popular sites include “What The Trend” and hashtags.org.

Tip #6: Link All Your Social Networks

By default, Klout can only track your main social network. If you don’t link your social network, Klout won’t be able to see how much influence you actually have. Naturally, the more networks you link, the higher your perceived influence.

Link all your social networks, even if you don’t ever really use those networks.

That’s right – Link up accounts even if you have few friends and never update them. After all, you can just remove your accounts again if it lowers your score. More often than not however, it’ll give your score a nice boost.

Tip #7: Ask Your Audience Questions

Again, the goal is to deliberately facilitate as much activity on your social media feeds as possible. One easy and natural way to facilitate that discussion is to ask your audience questions. Ask questions that people would want to share their opinions about.

Give your audience a chance to brag about their ideas. Ask provocative questions, or questions that people would have strong opinions about.

Tip #8: Do @Mentions Often

When you @mention someone, they’re more likely to see your message and respond back with an @mention. Furthermore, when you @mention someone, they see your name and remember you. They’re more likely to follow you, as well as more likely to recognize you in their Twitter feed.

Using @mentions helps you stand out from all the chatter. It’s not going to immediately boost your Klout score; instead it’ll help you garner more and more attention on the social web. In time, this could make a big difference.

Tip #9: Connect With Influencers

Connecting with influencers can help boost your Klout score in several ways. First, if an influencer @mentions you in public, that means more people are going to find your feed. More people will follow you, retweet you and get in conversations with you.

That means a higher Klout score. Second, Klout treats different people’s retweets and @mentions with different weight. A highly influential person bears a lot more weight than a person with low influence. If you engage in the social sphere with an influential person, you’re going to get a higher Klout score just from that.

Tip #10: Build a Name for Yourself Through Multiple Media

The internet isn’t the only place to build your Klout score. In fact, many of the highest Klout score rankers don’t even pay much attention to their social media. Instead, they’re focused on building real world influence.

Focus on expanding your reach not just online, but through every other kind of medium possible.

Try to get on radio. Launch your own podcast. Do videos and build a YouTube channel. Speak in public. Anything you do that raises your public profile will also raise your Klout score.

These are ten ways to increase your Klout score.

Some of these tactics focus on deliberately increasing social engagement, while others focus on actually expanding your reach.

Both methods will help give your Klout score the boost you’re looking for.

and that, my friends finishes up my tutorial series on Klout

what did you think?

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See you back on Friday for another Top 10 List

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