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Are You Feeding Your Internet Marketing Dream?
Are You Feeding Your Internet Marketing Dream? Now there is a question to start off the new week! Welcome back my friends. internet marketing dream Today I want to talk about an article I read and a few thoughts to go with it! I read a blog post by Chris Brogan a few days ago… It was all about “feeding dreams”. Magazines, specifically do this, but he also argued blogs can do it too. To paraphrase Chris: If you are somebody who dreams of becoming (or hanging out with musicians), you pick up Rolling Stone. If you dream of having house parties with Gwyneth Paltrow and Drew Barrymore, you buy People. If you fancy yourself as a successful business person, you immerse yourself in FastCompany. He continues: Publishers know they exist to fulfil a certain level of dream feeding. For example House magazine is not a how-to guide dedicated to showing off which nails are the current rage in framing. Instead, they publish photos a home with a gorgeous view of Sebago Lake and somewhere in the article, the nails are mentioned.Get it? Internet Marketing is an industry built on dream feeding. This is not always a bad thing because as Chris points out: [box color="blue-vibrant" type="square" icon="asterisk"]The feeding of dreams is also the fueling of aspirations. Tweet It![/box] Unfortunately, some marketers exploit this for their own gain… They go big on dreams but very short on insights or real help. Just the other day I was talking with another member of a mastermind group I’m a part of. He wanted to know if a brand new “info product” would be worth the investment? The sales letter was a beauty… no-hypeLots of nonsense about fake Eastern European programmers, earnings “proof” that could (and probably was) from anything but related to the product being sold and not forgetting a liberal sprinkling of “It’s not your faults” throughout the copy. This was not so much about feeding dreams… More like the “Treehouse of Horror” episode of The Simpsons when Homer was strapped to some contraption and forced to gorge on “all the donuts in the world” after selling his soul to the Devil, his neighbour Ned Flanders. I think a little dream feeding is OK… I try to feed yours in my daily emails. But I also like to serve up a healthy dose of reality too. Like this… [box color="blue-vibrant" type="square" icon="asterisk"]As an Internet Marketer you need to actively “do” marketing. Tweet It![/box] Every day. I do so via (among other things) email – it’s fast, easy and gets results! No good at writing emails? No problem. What if you never had to worry about any of the problems associated with finding quality content to give away and sell - ever again? From now on you can! So what's inside?... #1 - You get 2 new optin pages You will be given two brand new, surfer stopping opt-in pages that convert because they ooze the professionalism and personality needed to build trust to snag the subscription! #2 - You’ll get 2 products to give away or sell that you’ll be PROUD TO PUT YOUR NAME on, out of the box! Because… rather than slaving at researching and writing to create new content every month, these new products will be actually be teaching YOU cutting edge techniques and tactics! #3 - Stop wondering which markets make money! All of the packages you will get will be centered on evergreen niches that are proven moneymakers day-in and day-out! These are products that pertain to what people need and want all the time in areas they are willing to SPEND, SPEND, SPEND! #4 - Follow Up already Followed! After your visitors jump on the subscription, you can give them more of what they want - included within this single package! You’ll get autoresponders already written, for both products, chocked full of information your subscribers will love and love you for giving them! In addition, they will be sprinkled with the perfect pre-screened and profitable product links, your subscribers will surely devour! All you’ll need to do is update the links with your affiliate id using the handy product list that is supplied to you and WHA-BAM, instant profits on autopilot! DON’T get caught with outdated information products that don’t sell and can’t be given away. DON’T waste your time researching and fastidiously revamping old PLR. Get it *FRESH* off the grill and serve it up hot to your hungry subscribers! Check out this quick video below to see what you're getting... I thought that may wake you up… If you’re an Internet Marketer who is not getting the results you deserve… It’s time to stop living in a dream world… And start living the dream! Check it out and I'll see you back for a brand new tutorial series starting on Wednesday.... Stay coolies till then :) Kym-Robinsons-Blog-Signature           join in the conversation by leaving a comment and if you liked todays post, how about sharing it with your friends? all the buttons are below for your convenience – thanks in advance! [wrc_home_page_widget]    


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