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Hurrican Sandy Come Back Special...You Can Help
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Hurrican Sandy Come Back Special...You Can Help

We are back! Out from the clutches of
Hurricane Sandy and glad just to be

New York and a large swathe of the eastern seaboard
got hammered by hurricane Sandy on Tuesday causing
billions in property damage from massive flooding,
downed trees and powerlines.

Sadly some people lost their lives including 2 children
who were playing in their room when a tree outside
crashed through the roof of their house into the
room they were playing in.

Our hearts and prayers go out to everyone affected
by Sandy's wrath.

We survived but lost power for 5 Days
No water, not much food, no internet,
no phones, no elevator, no nothing but
we are back and glad to be alive.

Cuddles, Winnie the Pooh and Dr Peppers
weathered the storm just fine we are
happy to report.

There were some bright notes however, diners down
the street from us had food and supplies, and the
 first responders were out assessing the damage and
doing an amazing job as always.

If you were seriously affected know that we are
thinking of you and praying for you.

For those of you who, like us had no internet, and
 your businesses were affected, we have something
very special for you.

The We Are Back Special

If you grab the Sokule silver membership right now
for the special O.T.O. price of only $197.00 per
year we will also include

7.5 million sokule list  building credits (value $9525.00),

500 targeted followers ($475.00),

a yakamore business yearly membership (value 297.00)

Plus a FreeAdDepot yearly membership (value $497.00).

Here's how you claim this exclusive special...
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If you are already a Sokule member, simply pay
for your silver membership using the link above,
I will upgrade your account manually and
then I will send you details on how to signup
for Yakamore and your FreeAdDepot memberships.

Yakamore is a business friendly social media site.
FreeAd Depot is a contact mailing site.

This is a special you will not see again so take
advantage of it now while it lasts.

Pay for your silver membership membership here
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This is a manual upgrade. You will receive
a detailed message from me when you accounts
at Sokule, Yakamore and Free Ad Depot have
been upgraded.

Go get um



Phil Basten
Jane Mark


PS: Update! Our lights just came back on and our
internet connection sparked with life.

Sadly, hundreds of thousands of people are still
without power, water, food, elevators, simple basic
necessities of life. So please give to the red cross
 what you can so they can help these people.

PPS: If you purchase this special in the next few
days and weeks, we will be giving 10% of every
purchase direct to the red cross and we will post
updates in our emails on what we have raised and
 given to the victims of Hurricane Sandy.


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