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Precious Moments

It sucks to admit it, but depression is a constant in life that we all deal with from time to time. Even the happiest of people can fall into a foul mood that upsets their day, week or even month, and crawling out from such a dark, suffocating place is truly a trial and tribulation. Why? Because it takes so much energy to lift your spirits and sort through the jumble of negative emotions that tag along on the depression band-wagon. You’re already tired and your spirits are low, almost as if a giant chain is weighing you down, and you feel yourself sinking into an abyss of hell. Your body and mind are completely drained, and the better idea is to melt into a puddle like the Wicked Witch of the West or crawl under a heavy rock and disappear, rather than pulling yourself up to the light of serenity and life.

Let’s face it, the rope leading to sanctuary and peace is a mighty long one with lengths of thorns that ripe your flesh and portions lubricated in slick oil so you slip down and regress. Progress is slow, and at times nearly undetectable. You feel like you take a step forward only to take two steps back. And as the internal struggle ensues you watch as your outside life comes crashing down as well.

When you’re lost in the dark, wandering the gritty streets of sorrow, loneliness, and grief, it’s difficult to continue in the normalcy of what was your life… And you watch as your friendships suffer and your work ethic declines, and observe the look of worry and sadness on the visages of family. You’re the fly on the wall witnessing the dissolve of your beautiful life…

If only you could fly, buzz around your sorrowful face, and snap yourself from the grips of depression…

But, alas, none of us have that fly in the literal sense. However, there are things—events, patterns, safeguards, or ideals—that coach us back to our comfort zone. In our moments of depression they can guide us and loosen the tight grip of despair. In a sense, such things are our happiness that can brighten any dark day. And when you’re careening out of control, they’re the precious moments you can grab for support and reassurance.

Some things in life are just too darn good to tarnish. Nothing can ruin the sheer joy and uplifting power they bring to the table. And by holding on tight, eventually all the good will outweigh the bad…

The moment you fall in love for the first time, the joy of watching your two best friends marry, the promotion to the best job in the world, the glory in holding your son or daughter for the first time…etc. The list is endless, varied and eternal. It’s different for everyone and often different each time someone dives into the recesses of his mind to find a brilliant memory. But their power and influence remain the same, for they can pull us from our dark place to one of peace.
And not only memories help. Comfortable habits like walking down the beach, laying in the dark and organizing your chaotic thoughts in the silence of night, or putting on a strong face simply to get by; all encourage hope and a step up the ladder from hell.

So when you feel utterly alone and drained of everything good in this world, remember the precious moments in life, do the habits that make you smile, use every coping mechanism you know, and eventually the sadness will pass and with it a dawn of a new and happier day.


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