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What is the Easiest Way to Make Money?

When perusing the net for the easiest way to make money, you may see a ton of sites about investments. These investments offer anywhere from 1 to 100% in returns. One of these is options trading which gives tremendous return on investments or absolutely no return at all. In fact you can even lose the entirety of your investment.

There is another way that you can go though that most people do not consider. And when I tell you what it is you may think that I am nuts. So let us look at this logically. You can invest $100 or more on a option that could either double or triple itself or leave you with nothing. 

Or you can invest the same amount on lotto tickets that could leave you a millionaire.

Wait you may say! The odds are against you in the lottery. Well the same could be said about options trading if you trade willy nilly or on gut feelings, as most people do.

Both of these vehicles have criteria that most people ignore. For some, they invest in options because they have a gut feeling or because a friend recommended it or because they read about how many people are investing in them on the net and making a killing. The exact same can be said about the lottery.

Now if you know what you are doing you can make a killing with options trading. And if you follow a plan you can actually do even better in the lottery. I mean where else can you invest a small amount weekly and have a possible return of hundreds of millions of dollars. It is crazy.

There is a secret to winning these lotto prizes though. And the secret is that you need a system and you need to follow it.

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