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How One Lotto Couple Won Double the Money

winning lottery

John and Karen Ord with their National Lottery jackpot prizes. Via Chronicle


John and Karen Ord, a couple from Britain typically play the lottery every week. This week was no exception. The only difference is that each went out to buy their ticket playing their usual numbers without notifying the other. The result? They won double the prize money to the tune of $150,000 each.

Pretty lucky right? But is it practical?

In this case it worked out but doing this on purpose would be kind of silly. There odds of winning would have increased if they had take the same money and bought more tickets. 

Winning the lottery is about luck but it is also about probability. The more tickets that you buy, using more number combinations, the more chances that you have of winning some kind of prize. I doubt that this particular couple cares about the statistics at this point but it is something to keep in mind.

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