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The Secret that Winners Know About How to Make Money

Making money online or off, in traditional business models or in unsual ones all comes down to one thing - working smarter not harder.

For an online business this may mean outsourcing day to day tasks so that you can focus on product creation and marketing. For an offline business it may mean hiring a PR company to handle your marketing campaign so you can focus on customer service. And for people who are serious lottery players it means setting a budget and having a strategy when they pick numbers.

So work smarter not harder is the first secret of success. It is not the only factor though.

Next is the knowledge that persistance and consistancy count. Yes, I know this does not sound glamorous and it isn't. It is a major factor for you to succeed in any endeavor though. Very rarely does success happen overnight. 

What seperates the winners from the losers is the ability to focus and stick it out. If you jump all over the place from one business to another or one system to another, you diminish your chances of actually meeting your goals. 

So if you are one of those that yanks out your credit cards every time a brand new "wonder" system comes along then perhaps you need to take a step back. Re-evaluate what you want. Will this new purchase or action bring you closer to or further from your goals? 

When I play the lottery I stick to one game, I look for the ones with the best odds, I play the same numbers and the same number of lines consistantly and I have a budgetI re-invest part of my winnings back into my purchasing account and put the rest into savings. I expect losses and see that as the course of doing business. I also have more wins than most people I know. I treat playing the lottery as a business. I am in it for the long haul. 

Whether your goal is to win consistantly in the lottery or in your own business, have a plan, set reasonable expectations, expect losses and keep moving forward. This is the only way to win at anything in life.

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