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Mr. Stifler's Internet Marketing Mantra
Mr. Stifler's Internet Marketing Mantra I bet you didnt know that Steve Stifler was involved in internet marketing right? You know Steve Stifler right? The cute dude from the American Pie movies? stiflers internet marketing Wondering what that guy has to do with online business? Well read on to see where Im coming from....... If you want to succeed in your goal of making money online you need to get yourself and your products out there and infront of people every single day. every day. Why? Consider this scene from the recent American Reunion movie, which reunited all the original cast members from the first in the American Pie franchise and allowed us to see them all “grown up”… Marriage. Children. Jobs. The works! The old high-school buddies, now in their early 30s, were huddled around a copy of their 1999 Yearbook and reading out a page where each had written their plans for the future. I’m paraphrasing class joker Steve Stifler’s entry a little but it boiled down to: “I want to keep the party going”. I feel exactly the same about the internet marketing part of my online business. By promoting myself or my products every day I get the opportunity to keep the good times going… I get to mingle and interact with like minded people, online or offline. [box color="pink-vibrant" type="square" icon="asterisk"]You are just like me only maybe at a different stage of your internet marketing journey, but you actually speak my language.... or are at least learning the lingo......lol Tweet It![/box] I want to let you know that when it comes to internet marketing for beginners and people new to the internet, who would like to discover the secrets to making great money online...... I am the hostess with the mostess.....lol By taking an active part in my own daily email, blogging and internet marketing strategy “party” it's not long before the music’s pumping and the drinks are flowing again. Guess what? The party is starting up again right now... Here's your invite to my online business and internet marketing party! donkey kongIn true Stifler-style.... it's on like DonkeyKong! Everyone needs to be able to implement quickly - they say time is money and its just so true. Those of us that can breeze through the daily to-do list and manage to get all the income producing tasks and goals achieved are the one's who will wake up again tomorrow and knock it out of the ball park again. Those who hang around too long or who are too pedantic etc and just dont complete the tasks.... well ..... we need to really look at that if you are going to get anywhere! One of the best ways to make sure you can knock out the content, websites, products etc... whatever it is you are trying to get done..... Well the best way is to know how to do it yourself... or at least have a great video reference at hand that you can refer to time and again. My internet marketing video training series is exactly that! Have you ever tried to follow the instructions from an eBook or video product, but end up frustrated and put-off simply because it was never covered step-by-step? Maybe you were left in the cold about... *Setting up a MySQL database? *Using your cPanel? *Setting up Email accounts? *Creating a landing page? *Adding a web-capture form? *Using style sheets? *Setting up cron jobs? *Installing a script? *Creating an eBook? *Creating a zip file? *Creating a PDF? *Creating a mini-site? *Creating PayPal buttons? *Creating 2Checkout buttons? *Creating ClickBank order links? *Working with cells and tables? *Adding audio to your website? *Creating a redirect? *Modifying your 404 error pages? *Working with Fantasico? and so on... I can list many more but I'll get to the point. All those little tasks, that slow you down because you just dont know how to do them, can *FINALLY* be mastered in minutes! Instead you can have a video tutorial library at your fingertips and have every internet marketing task, step by step on video so you can follow along to completion in just a few minutes...Yay! [texthighlight color="pink-vibrant" ]This bargain priced product especially for my blog readers and subscribers consists of over 120 how to videos all in one place ready for you to pounce on the moment you have a need![/texthighlight] Not only does being able to do your own little tasks save you time, it also saves you a pile of money and extra effort because you dont have to find and pay someone else to do it for you... That equals a Win - Win in my book! Check it out here and I'll see you back for tutorial Wednesday. Stay safe and well till then :) Kym-Robinsons-Blog-Signature           join in the conversation by leaving a comment and if you liked todays post, how about sharing it with your friends? all the buttons are below for your convenience – thanks in advance!


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