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(sotas) New From Darren O, Use Promo Code: VNROCKS
Hello Fellow Marketer,

Darren launched Viral Nugget 3 years ago and
it became a viral sensation within days of

Well, today Darren has taken a winner and
made it even better...

Introducing Viral Nugget 2.0!

Darren has added some very cool features
that is engineered to get your ads seen
such as his 2-in-1 advertising system.

1) Simultaneously earn mailing credits PLUS
text ad credits with no extra effort.
2) Gain text ad credits every time you promote
your affiliate link.. how cool is that?

Your text ads are displayed on multiple
sites across the net via the "Text Ad Widget."
What a great way to help your ads go viral

Jump in now and use promo code: VNROCKS

Darren's sites become an "event" online so
you'll want to participate early as this will
go viral quickly.


There are multiple bonuses associated with
the upgrade option so pay attention to that
when you come in!



Jaye Pause and Brad Webb

(sotas) State-Of-The-Art-Sites Co-Founders Pledge:

As the Co-Founders of State-Of-The-Art-Mailer, Jaye
Pause and Brad Webb, pledge to only promote quality
programs that add value to your advertising/money
making efforts. While we cannot guarantee every
opportunity will be worthwhile, we will research the
admin history, market opportunity, and promote only
those programs we believe to have the highest market


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