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Tutorials - Setup Google Plus
[box color="purple-vibrant" type="square" icon="help"]Tutorials - Setup Google Plus [/box] Being Wednesday, its time to jump into another tutorial. google plus -doodle This week we are going to cover some ins and outs of a Google account setup and we are also going to look at the whole Google Circles effort if space permits. Next week we will continue on with a bit more on Google because if you get into it you can find some really interesting stuff! Thanks very much to Alison Zander for the suggestion - I hope this is the info you have been looking for Alison! Let's get started with some set up steps here... I will include a video for you here and also write up the step by step instructions with screen shots a bit further down the page. Google Setup Info - How to Set Up Your Account  

How to Create a Google Account

  Once you're signed up on Google+, how do you actually setup your account? In this guide, you'll learn how to add information to your profile, how to choose who can see what, how to set your notification preferences and how to link up other social networks to your Google+ account.   Step 1: Accessing Your Settings

To get to your settings page, click on the "Settings" dropdown button in the top right. Click on "Google+ Settings."

  Step 2: Add a Phone Number   Adding a phone number allows Google to send you a text whenever you get a notification. To add a phone number, type in your mobile number, then click "Send Verification Code." You'll need to get the code from your phone and enter it into Google+ before you can receive notifications.     Step 3: Choosing Your Notifications When do you want to receive an email or text from Google+? Use the checkboxes to select when you do and don't want to get notifications.   Step 4: Set Your Image Preferences There are two main settings you can set with images. The first is whether or not you want geographical location information to be tagged onto your photos. Most modern cameras, including the iPhone and Android cameras now tag geographical information onto photos. If you check the "Show photo geo location information" box, Google+ will automatically add the geo location tag to your photos. Your other choice is who gets to automatically have their photos approved. Approved photos show up on your profile. Use the blue drop-down box and the "Add more people" button to choose who can post photos of you and have them approved automatically.   Step 5: Access the Profile Edit Page To edit your profile, click on "Profile and privacy." Then click on your profile. Click on "Edit Profile."   Step 6: Editing Your Personal Information   Fill out your introduction, things you're proud of, occupation, employment, education and places lived information. Then fill out your contact information, relationship status, gender and alternate names.     Step 7: Safeguarding Your Personal Information Google+ makes it very easy to choose who can see what personal information. When you click on a field to enter your information, below it is a privacy setting button. Just click on the button to choose exactly who can see the information you type in.   Step 8: Connect Other Social Networks If you want to link other social networks to your Google+ profile, start by going back to the settings page and clicking "Connected accounts." You'll immediately see a list of accounts that Google+ thinks belongs to you, based on Google+ searching the various social networks. If you see any accounts that do indeed belong to you, just click the "Yes this is my" button to link the account. If you need to add the account manually, just click "Connect an account" then select the specific type of account you want to add. Then enter your username on that site or a direct link to your profile on that site. Click "Add" and the account will be linked to Google+. Congratulations! You've just setup your Google+ account. You've learned how to add a phone number, how to set notifications, how to setup your profile, how to adjust your privacy settings and how to link other social networks. So have a little play in there and see what else you can see. Next week we will cover our next Google topic - I have 4 to cover in all and next Wednesday we will cover Google Circles so you can start getting social the Google way! Stay cool or toasty (where ever you are...lol) and I'll be back with you on Friday. Kym-Robinsons-Blog-Signature           join in the conversation by leaving a comment and if you liked todays post, how about sharing it with your friends? all the buttons are below for your convenience – thanks in advance!


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