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Just Like YOU: Dream Team or Comatose Crew?

Ask yourself this question:

If all YOUR payliners did the same amount of promoting YOU DO DAILY for EZWS, how much do you think you’d be earning?

==>>My personal answer in regards to if everyone was doing MY amount of promoting/followup would be…I would have been a MILLIONAIRE within my first few months (instead of only a ten-thousandaire within my first few months). It does NOT TAKE ALL DAY, if you can put in 30 minutes to 2 hours daily, if you can put in any amount of time more than you’re doing now…then do it.

==>>See the video of my commission report from my first year:

If you want to EARN MORE, you need to PROMOTE MORE…and that means DAILY…to as many ad sites as you can, EVERY DAY.

==>>You should have started HEAVILY PROMOTING on your VERY FIRST DAY, nobody should be sitting there for days or weeks not doing any promoting.

You should be contacting your tour-takers at least several times per week thru the EZ Wealth Mailer, you shouldn’t let weeks pass without contacting them.

==>>Every time you get a message from me, you should LOG IN and use the EZ WEALTH MAILER to contact all your tour-takers and Resellers.

If you don’t have any yet….PROMOTE MORE!!!

If you had dozens or hundreds of payliners JUST LIKE YOU, how much would YOU SERIOUSLY by EARNING?

==>>Do you WANT payliners who are JUST LIKE YOU or do you want payliners who work harder than you do?

If you’re not working this business to the best of your abilities and to the utmost of your spare time…


FOCUS on THIS business.

If you need a reason why…get your calculator and figure out how much you can earn from EZWS, compared to any other business you’re currently in or any business you’re thinking about joining.

THIS pays HIGHEST and offers you the Most Tools, Training, Services, and Excellent Support!

Other businesses charge a higher monthly cost for a lot less.

EZ Wealth Solution is the REAL DEAL! You knew that when you joined it, so why not promote it as much as possible every day? When you firmly believe in something, you tell everyone that you firmly believe in it, every day.

So when I say you need to PROMOTE if you want to EARN, that’s exactly what I mean.

Finding EXCELLENT PAYLINERS doesn’t happen all the time.

You need to PROMOTE HEAVILY…DAILY…to get tour-takers, and then FOLLOW UP.

Only SOME of your tour-takers are going to join…

Then only SOME of your Resellers are going to promote consistently. Just like only some of you promote consistently, that’s why I ask if you want a team who’s just like YOU? Be the kind of payliner you’d like to have.

It IS possible to earn $1,000′s per week by yourself, and high 5 figures to over 6 figures yearly by yourself…

This is supposed to also have a team-aspect in the passups/rollups,

we’d each like to have a STRONG TEAM that PROMOTES..

I’ve had a team for a long time,



If not, start TODAY and DON’T STOP!!!

==>>Your MAIN GOAL is to get as MANY TOUR-TAKERS *D*A*I*L*Y* as you possibly can, then FOLLOW UP with them FREQUENTLY and then when they become Resellers, encourage them to PROMOTE HEAVILY and FOLLOW UP with THEIR TOUR-TAKERS.

From, Kathleen VanBeekom



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