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No Sense In Internet Marketing
No Sense In Internet Marketing is there any sense at all in I.M. these days? Im thinking...maybe not and here's why.... crazy-person-internet-marketing After being involved in this industry for several years, there is a lot about Internet Marketing that makes absolutely no sense to me. Incredibly, the more I observe and get involved with Internet Marketers, the less sense this crazy industry of ours makes to me! Here are a few examples for you to consider: 1. So-called "successful" marketers pitching "make $10,000 per hour" products in their forum signatures... only to ask "how can I make money online" in their next post. 2. Newbie marketers following and even paying good money to "learn" from other newbies. 3. Marketers who sell "how to get rich" products using Facebook, webinars or whatever, but solely use JV partners to promote them, rather than the platform that allegedly made them all that money. 4. Investing countless hours each week building Twitter and Facebook followings, yet completely ignore building an email list - what happens if either of these site's ban you, or disappear? 5. Newbies who claim Internet Marketing "doesn't work"when they invest neither time nor money to try and get their "business" off the ground. 6. Those who spend days or even weeks writing epic blog posts but never create and release products (which may actually make them some money). I could go on like this all day... But rather than turning this post into a rant, I'll just add one more: 7. Marketers who are "afraid" to email their subscribers because they don't want to "annoy" them... then wonder why those subscribers never buy on the rare occasion they do mail out. [box color="red-vibrant" type="square" icon="asterisk"]Email marketing is one of, if not THE most important aspect of Internet Marketing... Tweet It![/box] How good you are at it will literally make or break your business! If you're inexperienced or not very good when it comes to email marketing then fret no longer... become a Champion List Builder quick smart! Internet Marketing problem solvedProblem solved – see it here. That's all I have to say on this topic! If I carry on, I'll be spending more time on this than more profitable areas of my business... And that would make me a no sense marketer like the above. If you are NOT emailing your subscribers every day and NOT making money from "internet marketing" every day, then you're not making much sense as a "marketer"! Champion List Builder makes PERFECT sense... Have a look and see if its right for you. Im heading out for some lunch now but will see you back on Wednesday for the next installment of our Google tutorial series. Stay coolies till then my friends ;)   Kym Signature           join in the conversation by leaving a comment and if you liked todays post, how about sharing it with your friends? all the buttons are below for your convenience – thanks in advance!


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