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Want to Win More Money? Consider a Balanced Lottery Wheel

filled out lottery ticketEveryone who plays the lottery wants to win money. Unfortunatly they can not see that winning is not just about luck. Luck will take you so far but there are definitely ways of bringing the odds further in your favor. One of those ways is by using a balanced lottery wheel.

So what is a balanced lottery wheel?

Basically it is a way of taking your favorite numbers or if you believe in hot numbers, ones that have historically been picked more, and spinning them into multiple combinations. These combinations should be balanced so that you have a equal or fairly equal number of even and odd numbers. You should also spread your numbers out so that you cover more areas like numbers from the lower end of possible picks, numbers from the middle of possible picks ( ex. 20-28) and numbers from the higher end of the spectrum.

This is one strategy that many players use to win more prizes. Will it guarantee you a jackpot? No. No system can guarantee that. What it will do is give you the chance of winning multiple prizes if the numbers that you choose come up.

Want more tips on how to win the lottery? Go to: http://www.winthelotterybook.com/


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