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Screen of Logic

So you want to Be A Millionaire? You dream
about becoming wealthy, have even purchased
lottery tickets hoping to becomea millionaire.
Always in the back of your mind, Millionaire.
No one dreams of living in poverty and not
being able to provide food and quality shelter
for their family (and there are many people
living that nightmare).
No, our dreams are usually of having a mansion
on acreage. Driving a Ferrari or some other
luxury car, maybe even a Rolls Royce. Only
you know. Maybe your dream is a yacht or
a luxurious sail boat. How about a Lear Jet
(your own personal Jet) to take you anywhere
in the world you want to go? Having a large bank
account with enough cash to send your children
to the best university of their choice. Just
purchase anything you want without considering
the cost of the item. Some dream of being able
to donate generously to their favorite charity.
I don't know what your dreams are, maybe more
modest things. 
However, I want to point out to you the obvious,
look around, there are people that are driving
those cars you dream of, live in those houses
you dream of, fly in those jets, sail on those
yachts, etc.
Let me ask you a question.  Why is it other
people are living their dreams (the kind of life
you want), and not you? 
Here is the answer. Earl Nightingale explained it
so clearly, It is our Screen Of Logic.
Some people see a yacht and boom, they don't
have a problem seeing themselves owning it and
go visit the show room. Next they are taking it
for a spin on the water. And then they own it.

WOW!  Passed right through their Screen Of Logic.
However, other people can't get it through their
screen of logic. Things like, I'm not smart enough,
I could never afford that plus any other reason
they can think of and express.
Therefore they don't go to the show room.
It just remains a dream. So if we want to
live our dreams we need to work at getting
the dreams through our Screen Of Logic.
Here is a dream that a "BILLIONAIRE" had
and now it is a reality for him. Ed Mercer
wants to create 100 Millionaires in the next
year and set a new record for creating
Now that is some dream to get through
a Screen Of Logic.
He is a "BILLIONAIRE" so getting things
though his Screen Of Logic is not  a problem.
He has gone to the show room and is making
it happen.
The problem is, not for Ed Mercer, but for you.
Does it get thorough your Screen Of Logic that
you can be one of those Millionaires?
When you become a millionaire won't it be nice
to really live your own dreams?
Join into Ed Mercers dream and become one of
his Millionaires.
Give yourself a chance. Break through your Old
Screen Of Logic and become the millionaire you
want to be. Go to the show room now.
Contact information:
Aaron Newby
Phone:   303-403-0698 
Skype:  aanuby


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