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this is weird
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OK, so this was just weird.


Almost surreal.  Like I couldn't make it up if I even tried.


HINT: The good part starts somewhere around the 2 minute mark.




Pretty cool stuff huh?


I'm all for my fellow marketers 'raising the bar', more

power  to them but the part where *I* have to work that much harder

just to keep up? Not so cool.

Here's the skinny.


A huge part of IM's appeal is the fact that you have total

freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want. But behind it

all, there's a lot of hard work involved, right?


Heck, I work in my pajamas all the time but sometimes it's from

dusk to dawn, and don't get me started on the sheer amount of

new money-making fads out there.


Talk about information overload!


So apparently this crazy Asian dude has cracked the system yet

again, generating  $12,614 on vacation halfway around the world on

a fresh site under 29 days .

Best part? He barely spent an hour a day on the site.

Someone please take my money!


Seriously though, a couple of hater types expressed concern that

there might be ... dare I say ... SHENANIGANS involved in Peng

Joon's little enterprise ( I was too, at first) but Peng Joon

actually DOES this in the video ...not just talk about it.


So you're getting REAL WORLD tips and techniques ...not just



I'm the worst person in the world at traffic stuff and all that

Panda/Penguin crap and this was super easy to understand.


There's also all kinds of ninja-level non-SEO stuff too if

that's  what you're going for.


But enough jibber-jabber


Watch it for yourself here




Talk Soon

Leo Laurent Sr.




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