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What Do You Get When You Cross MySpace With Webex & Ustream?
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Imagine FaceBook, Ustream, and Webex or GoToWebinar getting

Can you picture that? It would be like going to a trade show at
one of the convention centers, only virtually, right?

You could talk in a group or go see a presentation. Get in on a
conference that stimulates your creativity. Have a group meeting.
Play some games, win some prizes, chat with others.

Exchange information... Yep, even buy and sell without ever
leaving your iphone or internet device. Heck you could do
multiple deals and keep a running tally, all while doing your laundry.
(or playing golf... I just buy new clothes instead of doing laundry)

Sounds exciting, right?

Well today I am here to tell you this is all possible and a movement
has been set in motion for such an ambitious undertaking.

Let me tell you. A year ago a few friends of mine got this crazy
idea that seminars are the continuing education of the future and if
the mainstream could make use of the tools available to them in the
area of wealth, we'd be a changed world -- for the better that is.

We brainstormed for months, talked to numerous folks and finally,
yes finally, we figured it out.

...and in a few short days we will reveal this magnificent
experience to the world.

We're bringing "wealth education" to the mainstream and
I'm going to give you a front row seat -- FREE!

In order to get the ball rolling we are doing a series of web
conferences that will allow you to get a taste of what we have
to offer and when you come, we will give you a VIP-PASS, worth a
cool $49 bucks.

In addition we are also giving some cool prizes away to celebrate
the grand opening of this exciting venue.

Listen, I could go on and on.

Here you go....


go see for yourself and get in on the fun and excitement

They even have a FaceBook Group consisting of some really cool folks.


Ok, I've really got to go. I'll see you there!

Micheal Savoie

PS - Join us on the webinars tonight when I interview my two
guests and find out exactly what they think of the Wealth
Mindset of today and how we can impact it with the "virtual
expo" that launches later this week!



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