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Love Is in the Air Valentine's Specials
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 Love Is in the Air Valentine's Specials

It's the weekend for Diamonds and Gold
and maybe a rose or two or 12.

But in my book, Silver is where it is at.

We have a wow factor going on today and tomorrow.

And, if you play your cards right, you can
celebrate Valentine's day and Christmas
in February all at the same time.

Read this email to the end.
It is jaw dropping.

Here we go.

Over at Sokule

If you sign up and take up the Silver One
Time offer, you are going to get a double up
of Sokens worth 254.00 which is more then
the price of the upgrade.

Today and Tomorrow only, you will get
a whopping 250,000 sokens when you sign
up as a silver member of Sokule.

What Does Silver bring you?

The ability to post to Twtter, facebook,
My Space and 27 other peopular Social Media
sites and blogs with just 1 click

1 post 1 Click and your message is all over
the world in a nano second.

You can build a list of trackers in a blink
of an eye using that double up bonus of
250,000 sokens.

You can post messages up to 500 characters
You can use Sokwall and post a long article
and yes that will appear on all of our
31 posting sites instantly.

You can auto welcome your trackers
You can edit your posts
You can add video and graphics to your posts
You can use requeek and retweet
You can schedule 25 posts and have them
go out whenever you like
You can direct squeek your trackers all at once.

You can Email your trackers every three days

You collect a whopping 40% commission
whenever someone upgrades under you at

And I could go on and on .

Sokule is a power house of advertising
You make the post.
He does all the work for you.

All you need to do is take up the silver one
time offer when you sign up and you are in
like flynn.


Oh you already signed up to Sokule?
You missed the one time offer?

I am providing you the link for the next
two days and you can upgrade using this
paylink and save yourself 100 bucks if
you are already a member of Sokule.


This offer ends at midnight on Sunday
Feb 14th, Valentine's day.

Make hey while love is in the air.
Don't let the bloom fade from the rose.

Note: If you use the special paylink, your
account will be upgraded manually so please
allow up to 24 hours for this upgrade to
take effect.

Go Get Um


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS And here's a whopper you won't believe

There is a February special going on over
at Global Cash Formula one of my favorite
sites on the net.


You can pick up 500,000 sokens when you
upgrade to Silver at GCF

You can pick up a cool 1 million sokens
when you upgrade to platinum at GCF

This site has paid me over 10,600 in
3 months. That can buy a lot of roses
and even a dianmond or two.

Take a look at this site.
It pays 10 levels deep
It has fabulous products for you
If you like, Max will even do the advertising
for you which is what I like.
Less work for mother:)

You rake in 80 per sales on a silver upgrade
300 per sale on a platinum upgrade.

The proof is in the paying at this site
You will love it

So here's the plan

Take advantage of our silver upgrade in
at Sokule
And double up your sokens

Run over to GCF and upgrade to silver or
platinum over there and pick yourself up
another 500K or 1 million Sokens

Today is the day to move when love is in the









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