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He Who Controls the Admin Panel Makes the Sales
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He Who Controls the Admin Panel Makes the Sales

How many of you struggle to sign up
two or three people to a program or
a list or to anything on the net?

I bet the answer is Yep!
That's me.

Yesterday we helped a list owner grow
her list to over 200 members in 24 hours

And that list owner now has almost
200 new members to mail to each
and everyday.

Most of our list owners have thousands
and thousands of members on their lists and
that meansthey have a real business going
for them.

We can do this for you too and
help kick start your list.

Everyone thinks they know what this means
" The money is in the lists"

Yes, The money is in the list  but ONLY
if YOU control the admin panel to that

He who Controls the Admin Panel makes the sales.


Here's what I mean.

You need to develop you own list with
your own members and you need to
have your finger on the admin panel
everyday so you can mail to that list.

I am not talking about a list where you
dump a lot of leads into it and then try
to develop a relationship with people
who don't know you from Adam.

I am talking about a list where you develop
a relationship with your members right from
the get go because they chose to join YOUR
list and they chose to join it for a reason.

In order to get someone to join your list
and want to stay there long enough for
you to develop a relationship with them,
you need to bribe them to get on your
list. No that's not a dirty word.

It just means that with all the lists out
there to join, you need to offer something
that someone can use so they will want
to join your list and stay on it.

We can make that happen for you.


We can help you grow your list by
helping you advertise it.

All You need is an Alert Pay account
and a list name. We do the rest for

We know lists.
We own 278 lists and we host 250
lists for wise owners who know that
the money is in a particular kind of

Where can you go to control the
admin panel and develop your own


Folks, programs come and go
You can continue to throw money
at them and experience the heart break
of never succeeding on the net.

Or you can make the decision and
the committment today to start
a real business on the net by
getting your hands on the admin
panel and growing your own list

We wil be with you every step of the way .

He who controls the Admin Panel
makes the sales.

It's time to make the decision to make

It's time to own your own list.

In fact, with A DSM list you can have
five lists controlled from the same admin
panel. That's five lists for the price of

It's easy if you know how
We have the know how and the
experience and we will be with
you every step of the way.

My partner Phil says this about me...

"Jane Mark owns 278 lists ,and everyone who knows
her knows she is an absolute tech idiot. If she
can run a list, anyone can run a list."

Here is where I started.


If you don't control admin, you won't make
the sales. It's just that simple.

Isn't it time you made a real investment
in your future.


Jane Mark
Phil Basten
JPE Advertising

PS You can control the admin panel with another
one of our sites and grab a license to our great
RAD script, one of the most popular on the net.









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