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This is How You Succeed Online
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This is How You Succeed Online


Yesterday, I told you about Carolyn who
picked up 500 targeted trackers with her
Sokule silver membership.

She can email those trackers every 3 days
and post to them 3 times a day

Today Graham, picked up 500 Targeted trackers
with his silver membership and he can email
them every 3 days and post to them 3 times a day

A Silver Membership is an annual Membership
You pay once a year and that's it.

Yesterday, Willem signed up as a founder
at Sokule and he picked up 3000 targeted
Trackers. He can email them every 3 days
and post to 10 times a day and we are open
to JV with all our founding members assuming
their products match our list interests.

A Founding membership is a lifetime
membership. You pay once and that's it

Today, Ellen says she wants to become a
Gold Member of Sokule and pick up 1000
targeted trackers. When she upgrades
She can email them every 3 days and
post to them 5 times a day.

A Gold Membership is a 5 year membership
You pay once every 5 years.

Sokule builds your list for you.
You do nothing at all.

There is no other site that on the net
that adds targeted trackers to your list

That list continues to grow daily through
the use of sokens. We have given away or
sold over 35 billion of them so you know
they are in high demand.

At Sokule...

You do nothing at all and we auto grow your
list for you daily at Sokule.

But...here is a word of caution that
goes for any new list that you contact

Contact them gently and let them get
to know you before you shoot ads at them.

People want to know who they are doing
business with and want to get to like
and trust you.

If you hit them with ads right from the
get go you are going to get more go then

That's my tip for today.

To get your own targeted lists at Sokule,
sign up to Sokule here


And watch for the silver membership
offer as you sign up.


If you are serious about your online
business, you need a list.

You need a targeted list.

We auto grow and auto build a list for
our silver, gold and founding members
and we target that list to your own

This invest-ment is one of the best
you can make for your own online success

Grab the membership level that suits you
today at Sokule


Go get um

Jane Mark
Sokule Inc

PS Today Only

Your silver membership sokens will be
7.5 million

Your Gold membership Sokens will be
10 million

Your Founding membership sokens will
be 20 million.

These sokens are what will continue
to grow your list on auto pilot.

They are more valuable than even by
dog Cuddles and you all know how I
feel about Cuddles:)


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