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The Psychology Of A Sale by Robbie Bracco, On Fire Miracle

The Psychology Of A Sale

There is a definite structure to being able to sponsor new members and we need to set up and follow that structure over and over until it becomes a part of our very being if we ever hope to succeed in Network Marketing.

Always remember this Acronym .  I learned it many years ago when I  was first introduced to sales and it has served me well as I have always advanced quickly to the top of the pack and have been able to remain at or near the top regardless of what product I have been selling.  I say this not to brag but rather to instill confidence that I do know what I am doing.  I love sales because it has provided a wonderful lifestyle for both my husband Phil and myself.

So here it is.  A very Simple Acronym which you can use if you like and make it your own as you become more proficient in it's use or you can ignore it.  It's up to you.

So with that said, here's the Acronym:

A I D A - Say it over and over and remember it then look below for how to implement it.
A ttention
I  nterest
D esire
A ction

Always follow that structure and you will find yourself making more and more sales so expect to succeed, use a system and follow thru!

First we must get our prospects Attention.  That is the main purpose in sending out ads.  We never try to sell someone in our ad.  The main thing we want to do is get their attention and we do that with great Subject lines so search out and collect excellent subject lines which you can use to get attention.  Then generate a very short teaser ad and then shut up!   Send them to your fantastic splash or capture page or video.

Interest - Next we have to make sure that our video, splash or capture page is good and that we can capture their interest.  We never give them all of the information here because once we give them everything we have they will make a pre-mature decision which is usually "No" because we never brought them to our website, live webinar or recorded presentation or whatever you have which gives them other compelling information to get them to the "Yes" answer we are looking for.

Then we need to create a "Desire" and we do that by sharing how others are able to be successful with our business and what it can do for them.  Don't tell them they will make a lot of money but rather tell them how this will change their lives by providing more time to spend with their family, money to travel, ability to provide a college education for their children or whatever else you have learned about your prospect in the relationship building of your communication.

Then we must get them to take action!  This is very important and is one of the steps least used by most sales people because they are afraid they will get a "No" answer.  You must ask for the sale!

Let me give you an example.  I retired from the AAA Motor Club and had a legacy of being the top Sales Representative for the entire club which boasted large cities like, Atlanta Georgia, Memphis Tennessee, Orlando and Miami Florida with large geographical sales areas to work while I worked a very small area within Lake County Florida with a population of less than 100,000 residents at the time.  I did that by using the system above.  People fail but systems work so make it a habit!

Here is an excerpt from the program of the Tampa Bay Peak Performers Night in 1994 for the Distinguished Sales and Marketing Awards Program.  I had the honor of sharing the stage that night with Outback Steakhouse board members Timothy J. Gannon, Senior Vice President, Robert D. Basham, President and COO, and Chris T. Sullivan as they too were being honored by the DSMA:


AAA Auto Club South

Robbie Bracco On Fire Miracle Review

In recognition for outstanding accomplishment in membership sales, AAA Auto Club South is pleased to honor Robbie Bracco as it's top Membership Sales Representative for 1994.  Since joining AAA in 1998, Robbie has consistently demonstrated exceptional dedication, professionalism and commitment to excellence.  We commend you for bringing 3,577 additional members to AAA this year - leading all sales representatives from a staff of over 300 professionals in Florida, Georgia and Tennessee - and qualifying for AAA National's prestigious President's Club.  Quite an accomplishment!  

Thanks for giving more than 100%.  We are proud to have you on our team.

Auto Club South

When people ask me "How can you work for straight commission with no set salary"  I always answer "Because I like to make a lot of money."  I love sales!  I hope you do too.

Robbie Bracco

About the Author: 
Robbie and Philip Bracco, Team Leaders for On Fire Miracle Review have been marketing successfully on the internet since 1998 and still have many members on their team who have been with them for over 10 years.  They have always been at or near the top of any company they have associated with and that is because they have dedicated themselves to working as a team with all those who join them as Independent Business Owners.

They are People Oriented, Dedicated to a Fault, Friendly, Aggressive, Committed, Passionate, Caring, Compassionate, Will not accept Failure, Great Team Leader, Visionary and a great listener. Loves helping others realize success.


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